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estate planning holidays

6 tips for estate planning during the holidays

Giving the gift of estate planning this holiday season may sound unconventional, but preparing loved ones for the future is important. Here are 6 tips to start the conversation around estate planning with your loved ones.

etsy marketing ideas

Running an Etsy Shop: Marketing & Hiring Help

How to run an Etsy Shop: Marketing on Etsy & Hiring For Small Businesses You launched your Etsy shop, and you’re ready to sell to millions, now it’s time to […]

drinking driving

Keeping up the cheer: don’t drink and drive

Don’t drink and drive! Here are some stats and tips to keep the cheer going throughout the season and avoid unpleasant experiences with drinking and driving.

rocket lawyer holiday

Happy Holidays from Rocket Lawyer!

Our team wanted to share their favorite things about the season and all the reasons why we are celebrating. Happy holidays from Rocket Lawyer to you!

5 ways to give back

5 ways to give back during the Holidays

We love this season, and one of our favorite things is to give back. Here are 5 ways to give back during the holidays and spread joy to those in need.

company holiday party

9 work holiday party tips to keep you on the nice list.

Company holiday parties are everywhere! There are things that can be fun and festive and things that can turn excessive and disastrous, take these company party do’s and dont’s into account before going to your next gathering.

facts around hannukah

Is it Chanukkah, Chanukah or Hanukkah?

This season is filled with different celebrations and holidays and we researched some facts around Channukah and it’s significance, spin your dreidels!

rocket lawyer legal benefits

What is Rocket Lawyer Legal Benefits?

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again. Not only are we in the middle of the holiday season, but it’s also open enrollment–that time when you get […]

co parenting during the holidays

Co-parenting around the holidays

Our tips for co-parenting around the holidays will help you have a smooth, enjoyable holiday season and keep stress to a minimum.