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5 legal documents for military service people - 5_30MemorialDay_C-1.jpg

5 legal documents for military service people

Throughout our great nation’s history, military service people and their families have sacrificed a great deal to keep us safe and to protect the freedoms that we enjoy. In their honor, we’ve assembled this list of helpful estate planning documents that every service member should create or update before deployment.

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Member spotlight: Brian

Meet Brian, a technology lover and entrepreneur. Having joined Rocket Lawyer to create his divorce documents, he turned to us again to file incorporation papers for his new business: Crestline Technologies.

Rocket Lawyer news about business law

How business credit really works

Having strong business credit is the key to securing a small business loan. Here’s what you need to know about building your business credit.

Member Spotlight: Carchick - Rocket-Lawyer-Customer-Carchick-2-c-1.jpg

Member Spotlight: Carchick

Read the story of how Rocket Lawyer member, Rebekah, discovered her entrepreneurial spirit as the owner of a successful car repair shop and a landlord.

Legal to-do list for expecting parents and grandparents - mothers-day-1.png

Legal to-do list for expecting parents and grandparents

Whether you are a new parent or expecting your first child, one of the scariest questions you will ask yourself is what would happen to your family if something were […]

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Corporations are people? The origins of corporate personhood

With the 2016 election in full swing, I find myself looking back upon previous election cycles—no doubt in some dreamstate longing for some semblance of reason. One point of interest […]