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Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Benefits - ThinkstockPhotos-510040487-c.jpg

Frequently asked questions about Social Security benefits

According to the United States Government, over 59 million individuals will receive approximately $863 billion in Social Security benefits this year. With numbers like that, chances are good that you […]

How to reinstate a suspended driver’s license - ThinkstockPhotos-178431808-c2.jpg

How to reinstate a suspended driver’s license

Was your driver’s license suspended due to unpaid traffic tickets or other violations? Rocket Lawyer has legal advice on how to check for suspension, as well as how to reinstate your license and get back on the road.

Single LLC or Multiple LLCs? 3 Factors to Consider - ThinkstockPhotos-452565059-c.jpg

Single LLC or multiple LLCs? 3 factors to consider

By Mark Parkinson Whether you’re an individual investor with a single rental unit or a group of investors holding many commercial properties, you’re likely to be aware of the advantages […]

10 Great Reasons You Need a Will - ThinkstockPhotos-488830487-c.jpg

10 Great Reasons You Need a Will

By Rob Taylor from Money Crashers Rob Taylor writes about personal finance topics including investing and estate planning to help protect you, your family, and your assets. My sister recently […]

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The homeowner’s dilemma: To rent or to sell?

To rent or to sell? Many property owners sometimes find themselves in this dilemma when they have a second home or property that they don’t live in or use, but […]

Summer Child Care Legal Checklist for Parents - ThinkstockPhotos-476528884-c.jpg

Summer Child Care Legal Checklist for Parents

Planning on sending your kids to camp this summer, or having a care-share schedule? Looking to split transportation costs with other families, or searching for a teenage babysitter for those […]

15 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Married - ThinkstockPhotos-463150637.jpg

Legal guide to elopement

Updated October 2017 Feeling romantic and spontaneous after the recent Supreme Court decision on gay marriage? Itching to tie the knot with someone special? You are not alone. The Supreme […]

15 Questions to Ask Your Roommate Before Moving In Together - ThinkstockPhotos-486766305-2100-1510-c.jpg

15 questions to ask your roommate before moving in together

You think you found your perfect roommate, but did you ask the right questions? Choosing a new roommate shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s important to ask questions that pertain to […]

10 Reasons Why You Aren't Getting Your Security Deposit Back - ThinkstockPhotos-477554630-d2-c.jpg

10 reasons why you aren’t getting your security deposit back

In what situations can your landlord keep your rental deposit? Rocket Lawyer lists the top 10 reasons tenants may be liable.

Legal Lessons from Movies: Weddings - ThinkstockPhotos-177114897-c.jpg

Legal Lessons from Movies: Weddings

Love is in the air! We’re still celebrating last week’s Supreme Court decision, ruling in favor of same-sex marriage (and love for all)! It’s a special time so in that […]

10 Important Items to Look for in Wedding Vendor Contracts - ThinkstockPhotos-462354181-d-c.jpg

10 Important Items to Look for in Wedding Vendor Contracts

By Arkady Bukh, Esq. Did you know the average wedding budget comes at approximately $20,000? With that kind of money at stake, there can be a lot of pressure to […]