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The Legacy of “Wills” - ThinkstockPhotos-160892486-d2-c.jpg

The Legacy of “Wills”

Wills are legacies. Sure, they’re traditionally a way of protecting your loved ones, making sure they’re cared for, but examples are legion of wills being used to endow universities, fund […]

Five More Startup Myths Debunked - ThinkstockPhotos-180272321-d5-c.jpg

Five more startup myths debunked

Previously, we reviewed five startup myths and unfortunately (at least!) five more need debunking. You can check out the first article here. Innovating and running a company is challenging, and […]

Five Startup Myths Busted - ThinkstockPhotos-480284611-d-c.jpg

Five startup myths busted

Startups love to get stuff done. As an entrepreneur I live to tick stuff off my list. However, the number of “housekeeping” tasks can be overwhelming. Sadly, skipping steps that […]