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How should lawyers respond to negative online reviews?

Back in the far, far distant past – namely, this past Spring – we looked at the pros and cons of business owners suing customers who posted venomous reviews of […]

Who Can Afford To Go To Jail? - ThinkstockPhotos-482217885-c.jpg

Who can afford to go to jail?

If you’re ticked off at all by the extra fees airlines have added the past few years, just be thankful you’re not a “passenger” caught up in the U.S. criminal […]

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How to Attract – And Keep – Your Customers

Customer retention is vital for any small business or start-up. Without it – your business will ultimately fail to prosper. With it – your potential for success is infinite. According […]

Can YOU Tell If A Lawyer Is Real? - ThinkstockPhotos-478241581-c.jpg

Can YOU tell if a lawyer is real?

In this week’s annals, we have stories of people impersonating attorneys, and a real lawyer accusing himself of impersonating a lawyer. Yes, according to the ABA Journal, there is a […]

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A Lawyer’s Best Friend: The Supreme Court

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you have to hand it to the U.S. Supreme Court: every year at this time, it throws lawyers years of potential new cases to litigate! […]