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5 Small Business Lessons From Vietnamese Traffic - ThinkstockPhotos-140461446-c.jpg

5 Small Business Lessons From Vietnamese Traffic

Have you ever seen the traffic in a Vietnamese city? Once you do it will change you, mostly because the thought of navigating it will scare you silly. But also […]

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If you’ve been reading the recent posts here during “Make a Will” month, you already know why you should make a will (leave loved ones stuff), how to make a […]

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Rocket Lawyer & the ‘Consumer Law Revolution’ at Stanford

Stanford Law School recently invited our own Jay Mandal, Senior Director and Head of the Legal Advice Business at Rocket Lawyer, as a guest lecturer in their Legal Informatics class. […]

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Writing Your Will – What’s In It For You

By Jackie Ann Patterson Recently my 36-year-old cousin died in the night, leaving behind a wife and two young sons. Clearly, he needed a Will. But that won’t happen to you, […]

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Colma – The City That Runs on Dead People

Maybe it was on account of growing up in New York City, but as far back as I can remember, I wondered “Where do all the dead people go?” Not […]

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Writing Your Will – What’s Holding You Back

By Jackie Ann Patterson Even if you don’t feel like dying anytime soon, you probably know you ought to do basic estate planning such as creating a will. What’s holding you […]

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Rocket Lawyer Supports Modest Needs at Press Club SF

An automotive technician named Paul came to the charity, Modest Needs, last year after a disability forced him out of full-time employment, causing him to face eviction from his home. […]

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Don’t Leave Unfinished Business – Make Your Will Today!

It’s “Make a Will Month” here at Rocket Lawyer, and since “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” we are supplying you with a way to make a will – […]

Life After Death - Protect Loved Ones With Proper Estate Planning - ThinkstockPhotos-502055697-c.jpg

Life after death – protect loved ones with proper estate planning

Life is precious and temporary. In the course of one lifetime we create memories, develop friendships, build families and businesses and homes, buy vehicles and artwork, travel, read and write, […]

Where There's a Will There's a Way (To a Successful Business) - ThinkstockPhotos-532518967-c.jpg

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way (To a Successful Business)

San Francisco resident Sarah Burns first opened her beauty shop in the city’s Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood in 1980. Driven by a passion for improving lives and working with innovative […]

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A couple of blogs ago, we disparagingly looked at lawyers who are sneaking “non-disparagement” clauses into service contracts, making it an actionable offense to criticize their client’s business online, never […]

A Procrastinator’s Guide to Tax Day Survival - ThinkstockPhotos-510851931-d-c.jpg

A procrastinator’s guide to tax day survival

Benjamin Franklin may have said that nothing in this world is as certain as death and taxes, but this doesn’t mean that your taxes have to be the death of […]