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Rocket Lawyer Gets Merry at the Exploratorium

It’s been said that Christmas isn’t a season, but a feeling. Nowhere was this sense of joy and celebration more apparent than at Rocket Lawyer’s recent holiday party. Naughty and […]

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There Oughta Be a Law? Well, Actually…

Anybody who says our government is full of crooks and lay-abouts who don’t do anything should consider that some 40,000 new laws and regulations were passed by state legislatures in […]

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According to the American Bar Association, first-year enrollment in law schools fell by 11 percent this year, to its lowest level since 1977. First thing you know is that somewhere, […]

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6 Companies With Sweet Personalities (You Can Learn From)

Learning how to tell your company’s story is one of the most important things a business of any size must do, but it also can be the most difficult. While […]

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Using Apache Storm for real-time analytics at Rocket Lawyer

With today’s data technologies, storing data and scaling the infrastructure is becoming a non-issue with HDFS, Hadoop, and related architectures. Hadoop provides the batch-processing framework with MapReduce for processing the […]

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Legally Speaking, Is There a ‘Stephen Glass’ Ceiling?

TO BE OR NOT TO BE deemed of sufficient high character and moral fortitude so as to be licensed to practice law in the great state of California is the […]

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5 Apps Every Lawyer Needs

Ever since launching a solo practice, I’ve found myself busier than ever before. I seem to be always on the go, which makes it to take advantage of tools that […]

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What Lies at the Heart of Marketing? Customers!

I’ve worked at Rocket Lawyer for just over 4 years now, doing everything in the Marketing department from Search Engine Marketing (SEM) management and public relations to my current role […]

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Small Businesses Optimistic About 2014: Infographic

It’s been a whirlwind year for small businesses. From sequestrations to government shutdowns to Obamacare, there was hardly a dull moment. However, small business owners report they experienced growth that […]

Bob Dylan: Don't Say That, It Ain't Right… - ThinkstockPhotos-153055856-c.jpg

Bob Dylan: Don’t Say That, It Ain’t Right…

Bob Dylan, you may have heard, is under investigation in France for inciting racial hatred against Croatians for comments he made a year ago in Rolling Stone. The quote causing […]

5 Epic Social Media Fails (Your Firm Probably Should Try To Avoid) - ThinkstockPhotos-472115544-c2.jpg

5 Epic Social Media Fails (Your Firm Probably Should Try To Avoid)

Let’s face it — social media has pretty much taken over our lives. As a Millennial who came of age just as Facebook eclipsed MySpace as the preeminent social media… […]

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Dead Man Litigating – Can the Law Bring You Back From the Dead?

This seems like an appropriate time of year to talk about Donald Miller, Jr., a 61 year old man who came back from being “dead” and went to court to […]