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The Health and Economic Benefits of Thanking Your Team

I saw a great band this weekend. It was just one guy, though, so I’m not sure I can really call him a band. He did everything from drum beats, […]

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In the “light legal news” department, this is the week that President Obama will follow long-standing Executive Office tradition and pardon a turkey, although it’s rumored that Senator Lindsey Graham […]

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How To Fix Your Firm’s Terrible Social Media Strategy

The state of social media strategy in the legal industry is, shall we say, much maligned — and for good reason. After taking a quick look at law firms on […]

Rocket Lawyer news about business law

Will the Shutdown Have a Lasting Impact on Main Street?

By Elizabeth McGinnis Sitting in my San Francisco office last month watching the squabbling over the sequester, the shutdown, Obamacare and the debt ceiling, it was easy to overlook how […]

A Lawyer's Guide to Writing an Effective Letter - ThinkstockPhotos-148662432-c.jpg

A lawyer’s guide to writing an effective letter

When Hollywood celebrities get caught with their “hand in the cookie jar” (double-euphemism alert), one of the first calls many of them make is to entertainment lawyer Marty Singer. Since […]

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Your Law Job Sucks – Here’s How You Can Fix It

I can still remember the day, over a decade ago, that I started submitting applications to law schools in my favorite cities. Influenced both by Hollywood’s depictions of attorneys and […]

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How—and Why—to Start a “Niche” Practice

Back in 1949, Sorrell Trope, then a lean and hungry young attorney in southern California, noticed that divorce was both increasing and becoming socially acceptable. He decided to open what […]

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Rocket Lawyer Rocks Out On Halloween

What do Captain Hook, a Klingon and the Peanuts gang have in common? They all recently congregated at Rocket Lawyer’s San Francisco headquarters for its annual Halloween Party! Joining them […]

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Google, The One Stop Shop For All Your Legal Research Needs

As my law career has shifted from litigation to a focus on corporate and transactional legal issues, my research habits also have evolved. I increasingly use Google to perform necessary […]

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How To Get Something “Taken Care Of”

Not every altercation has to end in a lawsuit. I know, I know. But hear me out. In my long spat-filled life, I’ve actually stumbled upon a few behaviors – […]