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A Lawyer’s Day in Court—as a Juror

I had a feeling the picks were not going to go my way this week. I’m not talking about the three fantasy football drafts I have lined up—I’m referring to […]

Is That Discrimination? Interview Questions to Avoid - iStock_000009191244Medium_685x390-f-c.png

Is that discrimination? Interview questions to avoid

Listen to yourself in job interviews. If you’re asking candidates the wrong questions, you could be answering a discrimination lawsuit. When interviewing a job candidate, you’re gathering information, much of […]

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Why the Billable Hour is Bad For Clients—and Lawyers

When I started my own law practice, I made the decision to eschew the billable hour in favor of flat-fee pricing for most cases. Although I’ve underestimated the work involved […]

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Your Shopping Guide to the Health Insurance Marketplace

On Oct. 1, the uninsured and those looking for affordable health insurance will come face to face with a plan that’s been talked about (and some would say misunderstood) for […]

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5 ways to show your value when you bill

It’s no secret that there are a lot of things you don’t learn about running a law practice in law school. But, I’ve discovered that there is also a lot […]

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Enter Rocket Lawyer’s SXSW Twitter Contest—Win an iPad!

The 2014 SXSW Interactive PanelPicker is now open! The PanelPicker is an online process that allows the SXSW community to have a voice in deciding which presentations, panels, discussions and […]

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Vote for Rocket Lawyer SXSW Panel ‘Is the Sharing Economy Legal?’

Many of us have long known that sharing is caring, but who would have thought it also could be good business? In recent years, collaborative consumption—renting, lending, gifting, bartering, swapping or […]

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Alien Attacks & Monster Bites? They’ve Got You Covered!

You may have heard about the teachers in Buffalo, New York who cost their district millions of dollars for botox injections, boob jobs, liposuction and other plastic surgeries that are […]

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Opportunity Knocks: How Health Care Reform Creates New Work

Having spent time working in such diverse practice areas as ERISA and asbestos litigation, I’m intrigued by the extent to which new legislation can create new practice areas for attorneys. Nearly […]

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How to Ease the Pain of the New Health Insurance Mandate

One of the goals of Obamacare is to drive down insurance costs, and to simplify the way people and businesses buy health plans. The first test of this will begin […]

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Health Care Reform Infographic: Let’s Go Shopping!

Starting in October, millions of Americans will go online to buy health insurance in a new way. That’s when the new online insurance marketplaces—also called exchanges—will be up and running. […]

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5 Ways Health Care Reform Will Affect Everyone

By now you probably know that under Obamacare, every American man, woman and child is required to carry health insurance by January 1, 2014. Along with the universal coverage requirement, […]

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The New “Fiduciary” Duty: Be Social

At Rocket Lawyer, we believe the law is about people, not paperwork. And connecting with people is exactly what social media is all about. Social connections are especially valuable for […]

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Author, Author! How to Quickly Raise Your Profile With Google+

I was excited when Google initially launched Google+. I’d been an early adopter of Google services like Picasa and Gmail, and it was easy to imagine that Google would also […]