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Why You Won’t Find a SCRIBE 101 Class in Law School

You don’t see job postings for scribes these days. There’s a simple reason: technology has made it a waste of time to do the same thing over again (and again). […]

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Get Ready for the 4th of July: Flag and Fireworks Laws

No law requires Americans to gleefully wave flags and light up the sky with fireworks every Fourth of July. But try telling that to Americans. As the nation rocks the […]

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Taking A Vacation From Your Baby—and Your “Baby”

The past year has been busy for me. I started my small business and solo practice, both of which are busier than ever. And, as of early January, I’m an […]

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7 ways Tony Soprano trampled the law

How did Tony Soprano manage to be so ruthless and cold-hearted—sociopathic, really—yet still somehow cuddly? That was the magic of James Gandolfini, the man behind the beefy mob boss who […]

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Infographic: Small Business Owners Skip Vacations But Are Happy

As we head into summer, most small business owners are feeling sunny about their growth—even though 85 percent say they’ll spend part of their vacations working. Will you be tapping […]

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5 Famous Pieces of Business Advice You Shouldn’t Follow

In the internet’s vast and crowded sea of useless rubbish, the only thing that outnumbers business advice is pictures of cats doing stuff. Whether it’s “What I Wish I Would’ve […]

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3 Networking Tips for the Would-Be Rainmaker

Although tools like Twitter and LinkedIn provide excellent networking opportunities, many of the best networking opportunities still present themselves when you meet people face to face. I still regularly attend […]

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5 Ways a DOMA Repeal Means Big Change—and Not Just for Gay Couples

Update, June 26: In a 5-4 decision today, the Supreme Court struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which limited the definition of marriage to unions between one man […]

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Scamming by Cramming: Is Your Cell Phone Safe?

Guest contributor Athina K. Powers, a California attorney and certified fraud examiner, explains how easy it is to fall victim to scammers. Ms. Powers is a member of the Rocket […]

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5 Easy Tips For Avoiding Burnout & Staying Productive

Building a successful solo practice is hard work. In fact, most solo practitioners that I’ve spoken with work around the clock. Normal office hours are probably not an option and […]

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Rule the Road This Summer: Legal Tips for Breezy Trips

In our free and free-wheelin’ country, you’ve got the right to hit the road. Even though the right to travel is not expressly enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, we know it’s […]