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A Step-by-Step Guide to Expanding Your Business on a Virtual Shoestring

Real estate attorney William DeClercq tells how he grew a professional business from a home-based startup to an executive suite—while minimizing his costs and keeping his legal cover. Mr. DeClercq […]

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5 Real Estate Disclosures That Never Happened – But Should Have

If you’ve ever bought or sold a home, chances are you know a little bit about the disclosure process. Basically, it works like this: the seller provides the buyer with […]

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You’re Lawyers, Not Luddites: Why Attorneys Can’t Ignore Tech

One of the things that struck me about my time working in biglaw was how technologically out of touch many—maybe even most—lawyers were. I’m not referring specifically to the firm […]

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Is There a Law Against Loving Summer?

Summer may be a time to relax the rules, but it comes with plenty of its own. Guest blogger Jesse Londin fills us in on the hot and not-so-hazy laws that […]

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4 Ways to Add Oomph to Your Practice

I’ve been a solo practitioner for nearly a year and a half now. During that time I’ve learned that sustaining a small firm or solo practice isn’t easy work. In […]

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Why Commercial Leases Are Like Carnival Games

Attorney Brian Stephenson lays out what every business owner needs to know before signing a lease. Based in Chicago, Brian specializes in real estate, labor and employment, business law and […]

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Phishing, vishing & smishing | How to avoid these common scams

This is the first part of a series by guest contributor Athina K. Powers, a California attorney and certified fraud examiner, explaining fraud scams and how to avoid them. She […]

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9 tips for drafting a clear-cut contract

Many lawyers define themselves as being involved in either litigation or transactional law. In fact, I do this myself. And for many, the distinction may be somewhat warranted. But if […]

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Pandas, Pies & Promotions | Mission Pony Tries a New Gait

April Ellis is a medical social worker turned urban cowgirl. Like other California entrepreneurs, she started out puttering in her garage, inventing a motorized pony to enter into a neighborhood […]

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Rocket Lawyer Hosts Aspiring Entrepreneurs From Around the World

Up-and-coming entrepreneurs from nine countries and three continents visited Rocket Lawyer’s San Francisco headquarters this week as part of their tour of the Bay Area’s lively start-up scene. The eclectic […]

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How to handle a difficult judge

Before starting my own practice and settling into entertainment law, I worked as a corporate defense litigator at an international law firm. As most litigators know, representing your client occasionally […]

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Hot Market or Not, Renter Beware | Infographic

If you’re among the 35 million American households who rent, here’s some good news: the red-hot rental market of the past couple of years—fueled by home foreclosures, the uncertain housing […]

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The Baby and the Solo Practice

Juggling a newborn baby and a solo practice isn’t easy. I discovered this firsthand after welcoming my daughter into the world this past January. It was especially difficult for me […]