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6 Tips to Make Your Website Lawful and Look Good - iStock_000008639673Small-c.jpg

6 tips to make your website lawful and look good

Sometimes the Internet seems like the new Wild West—but don’t be fooled. The long arm of the law still applies! Ninety-seven percent of consumers search for local businesses online, according […]

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5 Signs That You’re Ready to Go Solo

I tend to think of myself as an entrepreneur at heart. Even before I attended a single class in law school, my dream was always to start my own solo […]

Is My Idea Patent-Worthy? 7 Simple Steps to Find Out - ThinkstockPhotos-183712392-c.jpg

Is my idea patent-worthy? 7 simple steps to find out

Your invention idea is brilliant, but is it patentable? Rocket Lawyer has 7 questions to ask yourself to see if you pass the legal patent test.

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Highlights from Rocket Lawyer at SXSW!

You see some weird stuff at South by Southwest. It’s probably the only place on the planet where you can go to a party and hear Steve Case and Reid […]

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10 Mistakes Lawyers Make on Twitter

Twitter is a remarkably powerful resource for legal professionals. Specifically, in my experience, Twitter offers tremendous opportunities for lawyers who want to expand their professional network, spread their professional reputation, […]

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Patent Race Heats Up: What “First to File” Means for Entrepreneurs

What would happen if you were awarded a patent, and then someone else claimed that they had invented it first? In the past, your patent claim could have been on […]

5 Legal Tips to Help You Clean Up This Spring - ThinkstockPhotos-464980053-c.jpg

5 Legal Tips to Help You Clean Up This Spring

With tax day coming up, you might already be finished with your taxes, or you will be soon. Why not use that momentum to get organized in other areas of […]

Is a Social Purpose Corporation Right for Your Business? - ThinkstockPhotos-483787686-c.jpg

Is a social purpose corporation right for your business?

Guest contributor Nic Wolfe explains how a Social Purpose Corporation can help you run a business that also helps the world. Why are you an entrepreneur? For many, it’s just as […]

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Get Legal Help, Anytime, Anywhere: Rocket Lawyer App Launches

Our country was built by the people, and for the people. Unfortunately, our legal system has become out of reach for many people, due to complexity and high cost. We […]

10 Legal Questions Small Businesses Don't Even Know To Ask - ThinkstockPhotos-86543308-c.jpg

Questions Small Businesses Don’t Know to Ask

You’re a small business owner, but with so much to learn, how do you know where to begin? Here are 10 questions you should ask an attorney.

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Rock On, SXSW!               

Going to SXSW Interactive? C’mon down to the Copa, and get ready to Rock On, SXSW! In honor of our new Rocket Lawyer On Call® app for Android and Apple […]

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Meet April Ellis: Giddy Up Mission Pony!

Every entrepreneur has a story to tell, and each is unique. Meet April Ellis: she’s a medical social worker turned business woman, with an idea that is by no means […]

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#Smallbiz Wrap: To WFH or not to WFH. That is the Question

This past week, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer decided her employees could no longer work from home. Citing the need to be close and improve culture and another nebulous corpo-speak, she’s […]

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Get Answers From Real Lawyers, Right Now

You wanted it. And we listened. We’ve heard that you want to consult with a lawyer for any question, any time. That’s why last month, Rocket Lawyer joined forces with […]