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10 New Year Resolutions For Your Law Practice

New Year’s Eve has always been a popular time to set resolutions for ways we can better ourselves. And, why not? After all, the holidays are often the perfect time […]

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Complete Business Insurance is Simple with Rocket Lawyer and Hiscox

What better way to kick off the new year than with a brand new partner to help us in our mission to provide affordable and simple legal guidance? Hiscox, an […]

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#Smallbiz Wrap: What Business Will Look Like in 2013

Happy apocalypse, friends. I trust it finds you well. And by “well” I mean, not getting bombarded by comets and poisonous monkeys. With that obligatory cataclysm reference out of the […]

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Market Your Law Practice With Effective Newsletters

As you know, it’s important for you to keep in touch with past and prospective clients in order to market your practice. After all, you want the people in your […]

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Why We’re Fighting for Free Legal Documents and Services

Rocket Lawyer was created for a purpose. We make the law affordable and simple. Our site combines do-it-yourself legal documents, legal information and access to affordable legal representation by licensed […]

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4 Ways To Fight Procrastination

I often find that the hardest part of completing any project is just taking that first step to start the project. For example, once I’ve written the first sentence for […]

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Celebrating the Season at Rocket Lawyer: 2012 Holiday Party

Let music fill the air; let joy be everywhere! Last night the Rocket Lawyer team gathered in San Francisco to celebrate the season and commemorate another great year. There was […]

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#Smallbiz Wrap: Don’t Be “That Guy” At Your Holiday Party

I always enjoy a good work holiday party, what with the drinking and the dancing and the sharing good cheer with people I see 40 or 50 hours a week. […]

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5 Smart Ways to Keep Your Holidays Merry and Safe

Your home is at its best when it’s shining with holiday decorations and filled with your loved ones, friends and neighbors. Sharing the warmth and hospitality of your home should […]

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Increase Your Firm’s Profitability The Easy Way

I think it’s safe to presume that no matter how successful our practice is, we’d all like to find ways to make more money. In fact, if you’re a small […]

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On Call Attorney Spotlight: Brian J. Stephenson, Esq.

Today we’re continuing with the latest installment in our series connecting with attorneys from the Rocket Lawyer On Call® network. As we’ve done with our last profile, we’re meeting with attorneys in our network […]

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How to Protect Your Heirs from the Estate Tax as Bush Tax Cuts Expire

If you’re one of the lucky Americans to have an estate worth more than $1 million, you likely have fewer worries about a secure retirement than others. However, trying to […]

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10 Tips for Recovering After Disaster Strikes

Guest blogger Robert Howe, a New York real estate attorney, discusses how to handle the unexpected. Uncertain. Unpredictable. Unforgiving. Such is life. Often we hear stories of tragic circumstances, disasters, […]

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#Smallbiz Wrap: Stock Photos Don’t Have to Be Corny

It’s the beginning of December, so you know what that means: brace yourselves for a billion year-end lists and trend pieces about 2013. Also, a bunch of people talking about […]

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Divorce and The Holidays: 5 Tips for Parents

Guest contributor Deepa Menon shares helpful ideas to make it easier for divorced and divorcing parents to reduce stress and enjoy time with their children during the holidays. While the holidays […]

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Get Paid For Your Legal Services Faster!

One of the joys of having your own practice is that you can choose which cases you accept. As a result many attorneys find greater career satisfaction from their work. […]

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Are You a Bad Boss?        

We recently looked at three ways to kick start your business. We talked about evaluating your past successes and failures, experimenting with innovative practices, and empowering your employees to innovate […]

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10 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business With a Friend

Imagine if you and an old college roommate got together for a football weekend at your alma mater. You’re talking over a few beers at a bar after the game […]