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#Smallbiz Wrap: Get Happy!

Ah, the three day weekend. If there’s a surer way to put a smile on America’s face, I’m not sure what that is. Actually, yes I do: breakfast in bed. […]

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Why We Celebrate Labor Day

You might think of Labor Day as just a holiday for picnics and barbecues, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Labor Day celebrates your rights as a […]

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Hurricane Preparedness: Lessons from Katrina

It’s been seven years since one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the United States ravaged the gulf coast: Hurricane Katrina. With another hurricane season upon us, […]

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Grow Your Professional Network By Effectively Using LinkedIn

Most lawyers know that they should be using LinkedIn. At the very least, someone at some point has told them that they should be using LinkedIn. Often times, they’ll create […]

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Ask a Lawyer: Community Property and Divorce

Each and every Wednesday, guest attorneys stop by our Facebook page and answer our users’ legal questions. We’ve touched on topics from book copyrights and patents to gun rights and […]

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5 Travel Fraud Schemes That Could Rip You Off

With labor day coming up, you might be daydreaming about a little well deserved R&R. If you fall victim to a travel fraud scam, your dream trip could quickly lose […]

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Should New Attorneys Go Solo? Experienced Solos Weigh In!

In a recent post, I considered the wisdom of venturing into solo practice when an attorney first enters the industry. With the threat of malpractice and the financial insecurity that […]

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5 ideas for happy employees and a positive work environment

Labor Day is rapidly approaching, and you and your employees are probably already relishing the extra time. But how to get the most of that extra day off? If you […]

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How To Find Good Continuing Legal Education Courses

In many states in the U.S., minimum continuing legal education courses are required for attorneys to maintain admission to their state bar. As the name implies, these courses are intended […]

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#Smallbiz Wrap: Bonuses, Dumb Rules, and Used mp3s

Curious as to when you should think about employee bonuses? Maybe you’re wondering why the cashier at a Colorado grocer charged you twice as much for Cheerios as he charged […]

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Free T-Shirt! How to Help College Kids Avoid the Credit Trap

Despite a law passed in 2009 meant to curb rampant credit card hawking on college campuses, more than 70 percent of American college students currently have credit cards. Of these […]

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Are senior citizen discounts a good deal, legally?

Have you ever wondered whether it’s legal for stores to charge one price to one person, and a higher price to another? Senior discounts are a great example. For years, […]

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Should New Attorneys Go Solo?

One question I’ve received a number of times from newly minted attorneys is whether I think it is a good idea to go solo straight out of law school. And, […]

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Ask a Lawyer: Stock options and lock-up agreements

Each week, we invite a few guest attorneys to our Facebook page to answer questions from our users. This past Wednesday, we got questions about evictions in Georgia, terms and […]

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Rocket Lawyer Team Makes the Inc 500

We’re pleased to announce that our commitment to making the law more affordable for more people has been recognized by the Inc 500 list this year. Compiled by Inc. Magazine, […]

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5 Retirement Planning Tips for Baby Boomers

No one wants to work forever, but the retirement you enjoy will be the retirement you planned for. On the one hand, you could have sandy beaches and vacation cruises. […]

Who Owns Mars? The Law in Outer Space - ThinkstockPhotos-89614571-c2.jpg

Who owns Mars? The law in outer space

Guest contributor Jesse Londin stops by to write about the history of space law. Can you put a flag on the moon? Can you buy real estate on Venus? And […]

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Office Technology: What Do You Need To Get Your Solo Practice Started?

Getting a new practice off the ground isn’t cheap. Indeed, we recently considered how much money you’ll need to start your own solo practice or new firm. As we discussed there, […]

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#Smallbiz Wrap: Twitter, Coffee, and Bad Grammar

Where last week’s roundup was all about customer service the lessons you could learn from giraffes, chickens, and The Mouse, this week’s edition finds us taking the pulse of small […]

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Why You Should Be Using Google+ In Your Law Firm

When Google created Google+ they were aiming to create a better social media platform. They realized that social media provides unique opportunities to connect with one another. These opportunities aren’t […]

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Small businesses, jobs, and the election: Infographic

At Rocket Lawyer, we talk to courageous entrepreneurs every day: people who are following their dreams despite the steep learning curve, economic uncertainty, and many other challenges. So when we […]

Ask a Lawyer: Filming in a Public Space - ThinkstockPhotos-491326587-c.jpg

Ask a Lawyer: Filming in a public space

Each and every week, we invite a guest attorney to our Facebook page to answer questions from our users. This week’s best? A question about filming in public spaces and […]

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Is it Time to Talk about a POA?

Talking to your parents about a power of attorney (POA) probably isn’t the first thing on your mind, but it should be higher on your list. As they get older, […]

Choosing a Business Name That’s Yours, and Yours Alone - ThinkstockPhotos-470522611-2-c.jpg

Choosing a business name that’s yours, and yours alone

Nerve-wracked over trying to pick a business name? It’s understandable. Your business’s name is the first thing many people notice. In your quest to choose a great, standout name, make […]

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Twitter For Lawyers 101

At the time of writing this, I’ve been using Twitter for nearly four years (3 years 11 months 2 weeks and 5 days to be more specific). What started out […]

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Hassle-Free Curb Appeal: Tips for Hiring a Landscaper

You’re probably interested in hiring a landscaper to save yourself the headache (and back ache!) of measuring, hauling, pruning, and trimming.  If your relationship with your landscaper doesn’t go as […]

Mashups and Sampling: What's Fair Use? - ThinkstockPhotos-160549904-c.jpg

Mashups and sampling: what’s fair use?

The use of mashups and sampling in music has created many questions when it comes to copyright protections.  If you’re a musician, you might want to protect your works from […]

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How Much Money Do You Need To Go Solo?

Entering solo practice is a scary decision for any attorney who has considered the option. After all, it means putting everything on the line and taking a chance on your […]

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5th graders became lawyers on Breakthrough Day

As Rocket Lawyer continues to help communities both online and off, we were excited to host a group of middle school students from San Francisco Day School who were participating […]

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Ask a Lawyer: Divorce, Custody, Gun Rights, and the First Amendment

Thanks to everyone who participated in our “Ask a Lawyer” Q&A on Facebook this past week. Here are our guest attorney’s responses to a handful of divorce, custody, free speech, […]

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#Smallbiz Wrap: Giraffes, Chickens, and The Mouse

Welcome back to our #Smallbiz Wrap, a weekly roundup of the business stories we found useful, interesting, or just plain odd. This week, we’ll be looking at whether the deck […]

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The telltale signs of a fraudster

Guest contributor Christopher C. Carr , Esq., MBA on how to spot a fraudulent client in your inbox. As discussed in my prior post, attorneys need to stay on alert for collection […]

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Sociable Lawyer Team Delivers the Laughs to #ABAAnnual

While the Olympics tried to compete with Rocket Lawyer’s UK office opening in London, we created our own “news” in Chicago (read on to see what I mean). Last Friday […]

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The Independent Solo: Working Amicably With Opposing Counsel

There is a misconception both within the legal industry and about the legal industry that opposing counsel must be nasty to each other. However, it’s been my experience that not […]

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Ask a Lawyer: Divorce, Custody, and Expungement

Each week, our guest attorneys answer your questions on the Rocket Lawyer Facebook page. On August 1st, the questions centered around expungement and what it means, the smartest way to […]

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#Smallbiz Wrap: Dinosaurs, the Olympics, and the Internet

Welcome to #Smallbiz Wrap, the only roundup of business stories this week that won’t talk extensively about Chick-Fil-A. In this installment, we’ll be looking at the laws of XXX Olympiad, […]

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Total Attorneys: Battle of the Cloud-Based Practice Management Software (Part 5)

Just when we thought the Battle Of The Cloud-Based Practice Management Software series was complete, Total Attorneys reached out to mention that they also offered powerful cloud-based practice management software. […]

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Tips for Hiring and Working with Movers

Whether you’re off to college or moving the contents of your entire home or office, starting out fresh is exciting.  But before you can get settled in your new place, […]

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Have a Crazy Invention? Get a Patent!

What do you get when you mix beer and an umbrella? A “beerbrella” of course! If you happen to be the beer drinking, sunbathing inventor of the beerbrella, you might […]

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How to Determine What Type of Law to Practice

By Stephanie Sundheimer Just as not everyone is cut out for law school, not every law school student is cut out for every type of law. Deciding on the area […]