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On Call Attorney Spotlight: William DeClercq, Esq.

We’re happy to announce a new series that we’re launching on The Sociable Lawyer. Starting with today’s post, I’ll be connecting with attorneys from the Rocket Lawyer On Call network […]

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The Newly Solo Attorney: Staying Productive

One thing I’ve learned since I’ve started my solo practice is the increased importance of staying productive. Sure, being productive has always been an important aspect of any legal career. […]

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The Newly Solo Attorney: Balancing The New Firm Against Other Sources of Income

If you’ve been reading The Sociable Lawyer for awhile now then you probably already know that I decided to leave the comfort of a steady paycheck to start my own […]

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Microsoft to Discontinue Support for Windows XP & Office 2003: Time to Upgrade Your Office Computer System?

It’s well known that many law firms are resistant to change. In my experience, this is especially true when it comes to the operating system they use on their office […]

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Productivity, Productivity, Productivity — This Week in Small Business

We know. It’s Friday. You’re dotting those last “i”s, tying up those last loose ends, and dreaming of picnics, the Sunday crossword, and watching Hunger Games again. Or maybe that’s […]

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Event networking tips for attorneys

In a recent post I stated that in order to become a “rainmaker” you need to develop relationships with both your colleagues and potential clients through networking. This isn’t a particularly controversial […]

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Estate Planning: More than Just a Will

If you’ve ever seen Brewster’s Millions or read the story of Kalu the Chimp, you know estate plans aren’t always the simplest thing in the world. And while most of […]

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Selecting a name for your new law firm

I’ve always been a big advocate of blazing your own path as a lawyer. Indeed, I strongly believe that every attorney has the power to personally create the most rewarding […]

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5 Essential Estate Planning Documents for Domestic Partners

If you’re in a domestic partnership, you’ve built a family, and you should have a say in how that family is taken care of if anything happens to you. While […]

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Five Great Free Android Apps for Attorneys

We’ve previously featured several posts about great apps for iPad / iPhone. However, if (like me) you use an Android operated mobile device, you’ll likely discover that many of those […]

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Over $4,000 in Prizes Available in our Make a Will Month Photo Contest!

A year ago, Rocket Lawyer commissioned a survey. We learned that 57% of Americans did not have a Will. So we set out to get Americans protected, offering free wills, […]

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Use the Goodreader App to Organize Case Files on Your iPad/iPhone

If you use an iPad in your legal practice, sooner or later you’ll discover that you need a good app for storing, organizing and reading the various forms of documents […]

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Blog Smarter, Tweet Better, and Hire like a Champion

If you watch as much basketball as I do, you’ll often hear the announcers say stuff like “he’s the first guy in the gym and the last to leave.” Inevitably, they’re […]

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How to make your kid a trust fund baby

Setting up a trust fund for your child? Here are the top questions to ask your
attorney. Get started by downloading a living trust form today!

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Create a Company Page for your Law Firm on LinkedIn

Chances are you already use LinkedIn to network with and connect to your colleagues, clients and other professionals. You should be. After all, as we’ve previously discussed, there are so […]

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Why Estate Plans Matter for Small Businesses

If you’re like most small business owners, you never stop working. Nights? Weekends? Vacations? Those are just excuses to work in a different setting. After all, running your own business […]

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Use Facebook Timeline To Make A Better Facebook Page For Your Firm

To be honest, you can count me among the number of people who disliked the new Facebook Timeline when it was initially introduced. I was fine with Timeline for my […]

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Beer, Meatballs, and Video Games — This Week in Small Business

While I just described what I would have considered the perfect weekend as a twenty-one year-old, this week’s round up isn’t meant to make you feel thirsty, hungry, and lazy. […]

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How to become a rainmaker

For those of us in the legal industry, being a rainmaker is the ultimate in career security. If you have a strong book of business, you’ll never have to worry […]

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Digital Executor: Who Will Tweet When You’re Gone?

When we think of wills and trusts, we think about our assets, the family home, and what happens to grandma’s jewelry. It’s been that way for years, that we address […]

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The Rocket Lawyer Food Truck Experiment

Last week, Rocket Lawyer “on tour” took Chicago’s ABATechshow by storm with a part crowdsourcing, part business brainstorm, part artistic, Food Truck Experiment. On the opening night of the techshow-come-conference, […]

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Legal Technology Veteran Dr. Mark Edwards to Head London Office

Rocket Lawyer, the fastest growing online legal service, has moved forward in its plan to bring affordable legal help to the UK. As a critical first step, the company is […]

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Responding to Controversies, Pinterest Updates Its ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Pin Etiquette’

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the latest popular social media site, Pinterest. Indeed, we considered the potential to use Pinterest to promote your […]