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Creating the perfect retainer agreement

The importance of always using a written retainer agreement with prospective clients cannot be stressed enough. In fact, creating and maintaining a thoughtfully-prepared retainer agreement is an absolute necessity for […]

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Creating a cheap, effortless website for your new practice

Increasingly, many lawyers and prominent legal bloggers have noted that law firm websites rarely bring lawyers new business and don’t significantly increase a lawyer’s professional reputation. Kevin O’Keefe of the […]

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This Week in Small Business — Social Media & What Customers Want

Last week, we took a look at some business news from across the web. It was a potpourri of stories, ranging from magic shops to trademarking your baby’s name. This […]

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Pinterest for Lawyers

In the past several months Pinterest has become the new, hot social media tool on the Internet. If you are a creative, tech-savvy attorney you might be wondering if you […]

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How To Offer Fantastic Client Service

Excellent customer service is the common sense foundation for the formation of any successful business. Although your practice’s clients differ from a normal business’ customers in many important aspects, a […]

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This Week in Small Business News

While international behemoths like Google and Nike tend to dominate the business news, small businesses employ a majority of working Americans. And while the little cupcake shop downtown or the […]

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Niche This!

Should you create a niche market for your law practice? You would typically find this topic more in the business / corporate world. I believe it is important to any […]

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Giving Back: Attorney of the Year Finalists and Their Charities

What does it mean to be Rocket Lawyer Attorney of the Year? It’s more than an honor…it’s also about giving back to the community, which is what these attorneys do […]

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Cost-effective legal research alternatives for solo attorneys

Performing legal research is an important and unavoidable aspect of the practice of law, but the costs of using the largest commercial legal research tools (namely, Westlaw and Lexis) are […]

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5 tips for new solo practitioners

When I started contributing to The Sociable Lawyer earlier this year I declared that 2012 would be the Year of the Solo Attorney and Small Firm. But that doesn’t mean […]

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In Your Words: Attorney of the Year Finalists

Now that Attorney of the Year voting is in full swing, and we’d like to take a minute and share some of the wonderful things we heard from clients and […]

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Are You Ready to Go Solo?

Although many attorneys dream of making the move, the transition from a steady paycheck to the uncertainties of solo practice is scary. Nonetheless, most solo practitioners never look back after […]

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Our First Sociable Lawyer Premiere Event of the Year in NYC (Photos)

It was great seeing everyone last week at our first Sociable Lawyer Premiere Event of 2012 in New York City’s La Biblioteca! We had a big turn out to hear […]

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Cyber-Ethics: New Proposed Changes to ABA Model Rule 7.1

It’s not always easy to determine when a lawyer’s use of social media sites like law blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to market and network violates a state’s ethical rules. […]

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What Makes a Great Attorney? Vote Now for Attorney of the Year

What makes a great attorney? A great attorney fights for his or her clients’ causes relentlessly. A great attorney cares about his or her clients and communicates often and openly. […]

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Attorney of the Year Finalists Announced — Voting Open Now!

At Rocket Lawyer, we couldn’t do what we do without wonderful attorneys across the country.  And we’re not the only ones who feel this way. When we asked for Attorney […]

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Infographic: Small Business, Big Issues

Small business owners have big ideas and aren’t afraid to follow their dreams. Our recent Rocket Lawyer survey shows that some of the biggest rewards for starting a business include […]

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How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Law Practice

Social media has radically altered the way people network in all industries. For many lawyers social media has changed not only the way they engage with their clients and colleagues, […]