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Be Scared, Be Very Scared! Happy Halloween from Rocket Lawyer

Just another Monday…or is it? If you came in for a job interview today, hopefully you weren’t scared off by a veritable menagerie of characters: animals, basketball players, wizards, and […]

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End of Summer Sweepstakes Winner Announced

We’re excited to announce the winner of this year’s End of Summer Sweepstakes. A big congratulations to Brenda Masalta, a business attorney from Dallas, Texas who will receive a new […]

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Top 5 ways to make sure your clients pay their bills on time

Law firms can’t operate unless there’s enough money coming in to keep the lights on. As a lawyer you’re working hard for your clients because you’ve taken an oath to […]

Account Collection: Hire a Lawyer or Debt Collector? - ThinkstockPhotos-488852022-c.jpg

Account collection: Hire a lawyer or debt collector?

Metermaids notwithstanding, there aren’t too many jobs with a worse reputation than debt collectors. In those grainy old noir movies, they’re guys with square hands and blackjacks, the sort of […]

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Over-educated, under-employed? Reflections on law school debt

Guest contributor Natasha Petrukhin weighs the pros and cons of getting a law degree (and the debt that comes with it) as attorney job prospects become more scarce. Thousands of […]

Don't Get Robbed: 8 Steps for Collecting Your Small Business Debts - ThinkstockPhotos-467052947-c.jpg

Don’t get robbed: 8 steps for collecting your small business debts

You’re great at what you do.  But are you a quick shot at getting paid? If you’re like most small business owners, you pride yourself on working hard to win […]

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iPhone 4S: ‘4 Steve’ — Tech Titan Passes

It has been a bittersweet week for the family at Apple Inc., to say the least. On the heels of what should have been a watershed moment for recently minted […]

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Contracts 101: How Putting it in Writing Helps You Get Paid

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need contracts. We’d all just shake hands, take each other at our word, and do the job we promised we’d do for the price […]

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Affordable Rehab Meets Affordable Legal Services: Small Business Stories

When most of us think about corporations, we think big. We think about companies like Microsoft or Ford Motors, businesses with massive workforces, decades of history, and millions of stock […]