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Rocket Lawyer Round Up

Welcome to the Rocket Lawyer Round Up, a weekly post where we’ll look at Rocket Lawyer in the news, as well Rocket Lawyer’s take on the news. Last week, our […]

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The Sociable Lawyer Roundup: iPodcast (And You Can, Too!)

A Sociable Lawyer by definition is made up of two parts. The first part — ‘sociable’ —  details a personality trait that thrives on networking and establishing professional connections, while […]

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Sociable Lawyer Round Up: The Social Network Edition

While the Winkelvoss twins may very well be gearing up for another court house rumble with social networking powerhouse Facebook (appealing to SCOTUS, no less!), we here at the Sociable Lawyer […]

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How’s Your Legal Health? Why Your Legal Wellness Matters

Everyone wants to be happy and healthy, and there’s no secret formula.  However, many people do miss a big part of the picture by not maintaining optimal legal health.  Being […]

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Another Great Day in L.A.

Thanks to everyone who attended another great Sociable Lawyer meetup yesterday in Los Angeles at the Bonaventure Hotel.  A big congratulations goes out to intellectual property attorney Edwin Tarver of […]

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Building a Brand: How and Why to Use a Trademark

Early this week, Millward Brown Optimor announced Apple as the winner of the 6th annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study. The designer computer company behind the iPad, […]

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The Sociable Lawyer Weekly Roundup: Friday the 13th Edition

In the grand tradition of complex legal terminology, allow me to open this post with a polysyllabic word: paraskevidekatriaphobia. Now, before you reach for that smart phone to pull up […]

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What your marital status really means

Planning on changing your marital status? Learn about the legal implications of your marital status on taxes, estate planning, and more

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You Could Win an iPad at our LA Meet Up

Our LA Sociable Lawyer Meet Up just got even better.  We’re giving away a free 32 gig iPad2 to one lucky sociable lawyer!  To win, simply RSVP now and if […]

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The Sociable Lawyer Weekly Roundup – Cinco de Mayo Edition

While you were out celebrating Mexico’s freedom from French rule in 1862, we here at The Sociable Lawyer were compiling some of the most thought-provoking and engaging pieces on e-lawyering […]

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What’s That In The Sky? Spreading the Word with Facebook and Twitter

Lois Lane @reporteracelois (Metropolis) ‘Bank robbery in progress down on fifth! Heading over ASAP to cover for @dailyplanet w/co-reporter @mildmanneredclark’ Jimmy Olsen @photoboyolsen (Metropolis) ‘Police are cautioning all civilians to […]