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nicholas bowers

Customer Stories: Meet Nicholas

Nicholas B. is our featured entrepreneur this month. Last year, when Nicholas started Skyline Properties, a Bay Area property management company, he found Rocket Lawyer to be the best and easiest solution to start and run his new business efficiently.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Nicholas to learn more about his business and how he uses Rocket Lawyer for his legal needs.

Tell us about your business.

Nicholas: My business is a property management company that focuses on larger, multi-unit buildings with more hands-on owners that like to be on site and involved in the decisions of the property. We don’t want tenants to be sent to an overseas call center or email-only access. We try to be really engaging with them as much as we do with the owner.

And what do you use Rocket Lawyer for?

Nicholas: When we were first starting our company and getting all the necessary documents, we were debating between LLC or S-Corp. We were doing some management agreements and partnership agreements, and every time we searched for the documents we needed, Rocket Lawyer was always one of the top two results. Soon we realized that they had close to every document that we needed. So, we just went to the website and searched directly, and didn’t even look for any other websites.

How long have you been in the Bay Area? And how long have you been working in the Bay Area?

Nicholas: I have been in the Bay Area since 2005, and was in the hotel industry for ten years. Then I left, looking for something to start on my own, and it kind of went hand-in-hand with some other experience in property management. I started with a small company and left them last year to start my own company and luckily had some good clients to start out with.

How was your experience using Rocket Lawyer for the first time?

Nicholas: It was nice. I was a little hesitant because a lot of websites will get you in there and get you to spend an hour on getting everything perfect in your document and then surprise you with a really high rate. You know, $200 to get your document that you spent two hours on. So I was a little apprehensive. I kind of breezed through the first document, and when it got to the end, it was not a crazy amount of money to get the document, especially if you take the Rocket Lawyer membership. So I ended up doing the first one right off the bat, and I edited it a couple of times. It was a super easy flow and made me go through questions that I wouldn’t have thought of if I had tried to write my own document from scratch.

How likely are you to recommend Rocket Lawyer to a friend or someone that you know?

Nicholas: When I was first looking at my options, I was actually trying to find friends who had access to Rocket Lawyer and could give me a login. If people are asking “who uses what?” on Facebook or LinkedIn, I’ve popped into their conversations and mentioned Rocket Lawyer’s services.

What words come to mind when you think of Rocket Lawyer?

Nicholas: Documents. Just mad documents, because I’ve looked at some other parts of the site that were unrelated to my business—just to see what is there—and there is something for almost every industry, for every reason that you need, which surprised me. It was way bigger than just startup documents.

Yeah, we do try to have it all.

Nicholas: Yeah, you have it all. I did have one concern: I had accidentally opened two accounts, and I talked to one of the customer service representatives, and they were able to fix it right away and make the experience pleasant. So you can even say, easy to work with and easy to fix.
Like I mentioned before, I’m really about people connecting with their tenants, and I was surprised that Rocket Lawyer does the same thing when I called. It was an actual person instead of just a machine.

And, what’s your Rocket Lawyer story? What do you like about Rocket Lawyer the most?

Nicholas: I like that Rocket Lawyer is not trying to talk you into things that you don’t need. When I started Skyline, and I had to make all these decisions, and I had companies trying to get me to purchase things that I may need in the future but not right now. Rocket Lawyer is not trying to get you to sign up for a one-year contract for $300 a month when you could be out of business in six months. The service is there to help you along, and it knows that when you need more stuff that you’ll keep coming back when you are able to afford it. There are good price points for everyone’s needs, which kept me stuck to it.

Oh and the customer service. When I did have some issues, they were able to fix it right away. The flexibility is another item that I like. The fact that you can, download your document and then and customize it was a selling point. A lot of companies will just force you to use whatever you did with the template, and then that’s it and most times that doesn’t work when you want to send it to somebody.”

Don’t forget to check out Skyline Properties website and follow Nicholas on LinkedIn.

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