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Customer Service Perspective

While there are many odd jobs involved in being a member of the customer support team my favorite has to be my time spent speaking with our customers. People come to us looking for important tools that help make their lives easier, and it is fun to be part of that process. Earlier today I had the opportunity to speak with several lawyers around the United States, each was excited that their clients could easily create some of their own documents on our site, thus enabling the lawyers to give their time to more difficult tasks.

Customers compose their documents through an easy “create your own adventure” interview process. Though I do not help write the documents I feel as though I am an integral part of the legal procedure, making sure customers know how to effectively use the tools on our website.

The other day I had a call from a teacher talking about doing a class project for her students to learn the importance of having a will. They were using the Rocket Lawyer site for each student to create his or her own complete and living wills. I was appalled to learn that at least 55% of adult Americans die without a will each year. Generally people think it is too expensive and cumbersome to have a lawyer or paralegal make one for them. Learning that teachers are now taking the time to teach the value of legal documents to their students is exciting. Hopefully soon people of all ages around the United States will be aware how easy it is to obtain legal documents. It is a fulfilling job to help people make these essential documents available at an affordable rate.

If you are ever visiting our site and have a question, please give our customer support team a call or just start a live chat. We enjoy hearing from you!

The Rocket Lawyer Blog is pleased to publish this post by customer service representative Vanessa.

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