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Create a Company Page for your Law Firm on LinkedIn

Chances are you already use LinkedIn to network with and connect to your colleagues, clients and other professionals. You should be. After all, as we’ve previously discussed, there are so many things you can do with LinkedIn to enhance your career. For example, you can use LinkedIn Signal feature to search for a new job or to perform research on what’s happening within a company. More importantly, it’s a great place to network with potential clients and colleagues. If you own your own practice then, in addition to creating a great profile for yourself, you should also create a Company Page for your firm. After all, creating a Company Page is easy – and it is yet another way to advertise your practice, expertise and experience. Besides, if you operate a firm with even slightly tech-savvy employees, they probably already have LinkedIn accounts. By creating a Company Page you give those employees an opportunity to connect together under the banner of your practice. This can lead to further networking possibilities for your employees and for the firm as a whole.

To get started, click on the “Company” tab from the navigation bar at the top of the page. In the right corner (under the search bar) you should see a link that reads “Add a Company.” Click it. On the new page you’ll add your company’s name, your email address, and verify that you are an authorized representative of the company. On the next page you’ll complete two columns in order to get the Company Page completed. On the left side you’ll first select who is authorized to add status updates to the company’s page: just yourself or anyone with a valid email registered to the company’s domain.

Beneath that you can set your firm’s logo, a description of your firm, your firm’s specialties, and if you have a blog you can also add its RSS feed to the Page. It’s important to use a well written description. Unless it is short and to the point I wouldn’t recommend merely copying your bio or firm description. Instead, keep your firm’s description concise and to the point. Keep it within a paragraph if possible.

If you’re a large firm, you may want to consider creating separate Company Pages for each of your practice groups. It will allow you to better highlight the abilities of your individual practice groups and focus the content on those pages to better highlight the specific work of each of those groups.

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