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content marketing for lawyers

Rocket Lawyer Reads: Content Marketing for Lawyers

The way people communicate with one another continues to go through changes. We expect content-marketin-bookimmediate results and speed from the internet, social media and Smartphones. With all this knowledge made available, people have become more informed, they require more from people, business and even their attorneys.

A website is no longer enough, people want and need more if you are wanting their business. You used be to be able  show your credibility as a lawyer, you just needed to share the name of the firm you are with, where you went to school, how long you have been practicing law, and your successful case history. Now, the more information a person can find about you, such as, content, websites, and social media, the more likely they are to hire you for their needs. They want to know that you are the person who is going to help them with their issues, even if it’s asking a simple question..

Michele Ruiz, is the President and CEO of Ruiz Strategies. She is widely known for her expertise in communications, content marketing, and social media. In her book Content Marketing for Lawyers, Ruiz provides strategies on how a lawyer can attract more clients and become a thought leader in their field. Although it’s targeted for attorneys, anyone who is wanting to build their brand can benefit from this very insightful book. The book is broken down into two parts. The case for content marketing and social media and the how to’s.

Part 1: The case for content marketing and social media

In this section, Ruiz goes over in detail what content marketing is and explains why it is important in the world today. If used correctly, the payoff you will see for you and the client will be worth it making the change. She provides advice and guidance how you can embrace the new ways of communication to help grow your value and become a thought leader. She even goes as far as debunking common misconceptions about content marketing  and provides examples of attorneys and law firms that have made the change and are seeing a difference.

Part 2: The How- To

This portion does exactly what it says. It provides a lot of great information and guidance on how to implement your strategy to make sure it works effectively. It breaks down each section into a step by step process to make easier to follow and understand each process a little better. Before you really dive in you do need to know exactly why you are wanting to do this, who you target audience is going to be, and set goals to make it worth the effort, and what kind of social media platforms you are wanting to use to get your message across. Ruiz  gives advice on how you can find the answers to these questions and goes over the different social media platforms and what each is used for.  She also provides a section on mistakes people have made in the past and how you can avoid doing the same.

This book was really a easy read but you will gain so much knowledge regarding content marketing  that you can implement into your strategy with little effort. Even if you are not an attorney I would recommend this book if you are wanting to create valuable content and make a name for yourself, or your business. Because the world is always evolving and social media is always changing Michele Ruiz has provided additional resources and updated information on her website for those who have purchased the book.

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