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Collaborative Divorce – Resolve Family Disputes Out of Court

Collaborative law is now being offered by many lawyers who are listed on What is collaborative law and how can it help you resolve a family dispute?

When you have a dispute with another party and need to involve a lawyer, sometimes things can get very contentious between the parties – think of a divorce or a custody battle. This can be very stressful and emotional for everyone involved, and can slow down the process significantly, costing both parties more money the longer the battle continues. Most importantly, it is a family matter or if there are children involved, it’s better to resolve things quickly, without being overly litigious.

If you decide to work out your dispute using collaborative law, both parties and their lawyers resolve to work out a settlement amicably, without going to court. Both parties meet with their lawyers first privately, then everyone meets together to work out their issues face to face and come to a mutually agreeable solution. Finally, the lawyers file the paperwork with the court – generally it’s a settlement agreement in divorce situations. Of course, collaborative law isn’t for everyone, but it can be a good solution, especially in regards to family situations.

It’s easy to find a family lawyer with

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