Make a will month: debt and death

debt and death

Have you ever wondered what happens to debt after someone dies? For Make a Will Month, we are discussing what can be done about debt after death.

Make a Will Month: social media after death

social media after death

Have you thought about what happens to your social media accounts after death? For Make A Will Month we are discussing social media and estate planning.

A guide for vacation rentals

short term rentals

Thinking about renting that extra room at your house during the summer? We discussed short term rental and added some tips to make it a good experience for you and your guests.

5 tips to do your own taxes

Rocket Lawyer property law

Filing your own taxes doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Maximize your tax return using Rocket Lawyer’s 5 tips to do your own taxes.

How to create an LLC for your rental property

rental property

An LLC is a great way to be set up for financial and legal success. Our partner Avail provides a guide on creating an LLC for your rental property.

Taxes 101: wrapping up 2016.

img tax season

Our Taxes 101 guide will help you understand the basics around taxes and filing. Our tips will help you get ready for the tax season as easy as possible.

Evicting a tenant

the eviction process

Even if you’re a great landlord, you’ll probably have to go through the eviction process at least once in your career. Whether a tenant is disturbing other tenants, struggling to pay rent or damaging your rental property, it’s important to know the legalities behind lease termination and evicting a tenant to avoid further headache.

Preparing your vacation rental property for summer

Preparing your vacation rental property for summer - 061016_SummerVacation.jpg

About half a million Americans buy a second home each year. If you are like many of these fortunate second homeowners, you may be considering renting your second property this summer to generate extra income.

Inheritance tax: What you need to know

Inheritance Tax: What You Need to Know - Telescope-1.jpg

Did you receive some form of inheritance? Most people aren’t too familiar with tax codes for inheritance, much less the state-specific laws, so it can be quite stressful to figure […]

How to file for a tax extension

How to File for a Tax Extension - tax-extension-comp-1.png

Life happens, and while you’ve got a couple extra days to do your taxes this year, you may still need more time to put your tax return together. This year’s […]

Member Spotlight: Michelle, SF landlord

Michelle-Landlord-RL-2300-c.jpg - Michelle-Landlord-RL-2300-c.jpg

Michelle Landlord San Francisco, CA Member for 2 years Services used: HIPAA Authorization Form, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Trust, Home Rental Agreement, Rental Application, Activity Release of Liability, Quit […]

Super Bowl sublet: Make it legal

Super Bowl Sublet: Make It Legal - ThinkstockPhotos-495725748-c.jpg

Planning to sublet your place for the Super Bowl? Whether you rent an apartment or own your own property, you need to understand the legality behind subletting your place. Here […]