Month-to-Month Leases: Pros and Cons to Consider

month-to-month leases

While many landlords and tenants prefer the stability of a longer, fixed-term lease, you may find yourself in need of a more flexible rental arrangement. If you would like a […]

Move-In Checklist: Key Documents to Give Tenants on Day One

move in checklist

As a landlord or property manager, you may be relieved that your search for the perfect tenant is over, but there is still work to be done. With the Lease […]

Late Rent Fees and Grace Periods: Key Details for Your Lease

late rent fees and grace periods

As a landlord, you may have expenses—like mortgage, utilities, insurance, and maintenance—that are covered by monthly rent payments. When your tenant can’t pay rent on time, it may not just […]

Security Deposit Laws by State


Collecting a security deposit is one of the best ways for landlords and property managers to ensure that tenants will take good care of a property and pay all of […]

Security Deposits: A Landlord’s Rights and Responsibilities


When tenants move out, repairs and extensive cleaning beyond the usual wear and tear may be required. To mitigate the risk of being stuck with the bill—and to provide an […]

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure: When and Why You May Need One

lead based paint disclosure

Once used widely in homes, stores, offices, and most other buildings, lead-based paint was banned in the United States in 1978, due to health and safety concerns. Because of this […]

Eviction Moratorium Laws by State

eviction moratorium laws

Last updated: July 24, 2020 As a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, the federal government, along with many states and municipalities, have taken emergency actions to protect tenants from […]

Federal Eviction Moratorium Ending: 30 Days Notice Required


The coronavirus pandemic has caused a countrywide economic downturn, and one of the most vulnerable groups are renters. Recognizing this, many city and state officials have enacted temporary measures to […]

Legal Reasons to Deny a Rental Application

legal reasons to deny a rental application

As a landlord, you base your rent and deposit amounts on the costs of maintaining your property, paying the mortgage, and other such expenses, allowing for unexpected costs and the […]

Rental Property Accounting: Why It Is Crucial During COVID-19

rental property accounting

Rental property accounting isn’t the sexiest part of being a landlord. However, it is an entirely necessary admin task for the successful management of an investment property or property portfolio. […]

Pet Deposits, Pet Rent & Pet Fees: What’s Legal to Collect?

pet deposits

More than half of U.S. households—including renters—have pets. Not all landlords allow pets, but those who do are advised to take special precautions to safeguard their property and minimize any […]

Proof of Income: How to Verify Tenant Employment and Wages

proof of income

As a landlord, you want to protect your interests by leasing your property to responsible tenants. Since many landlord-tenant disputes are related to money, such as late rent payments, the […]