Filing an Insurance Claim After a Disaster


Insurance is something you buy but hope you’ll never have to use. So unless you’ve gone through it before–and we hope you haven’t–you might not be fully aware of how […]

How to Transfer Rental Property to an LLC

Rocket Lawyer Transfer Rental Property to LLC

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What is the Outlook for Commercial Leases in 2021?


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COVID-19 Tax Relief for Landlords


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Is There Help for Landlords in December’s COVID Relief Bill?


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4 Ways to Prepare Your Short-Term Rentals for COVID-19 Compliance


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What You Need to Know About Becoming a Landlord in 2021


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7 Essential Tax Tips for Vacation Property Owners


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5 Legal Documents You’ll Need to End a Residential Lease


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Strategies for Finding New Tenants During the Holiday Season


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