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Can a Lawyer Video Enhance Your Practice’s Website?

Lights, Camera, (Legal) Action!

If it’s true that ‘video killed the radio star,’ then should we also anticipate a day when ‘vlawgs’ (video blogs) overthrow ‘blawgs’ as the dominant communication medium for e-lawyering?

As an attorney, you’re probably accustomed to prepping and rehearsing your arguments for court. So why not capture that same courtroom magnetism on camera as a targeted pitch for your practice?

While most computers have included a web cam as a standard feature for years, a surprising number of smart phones and tablets now also double as recording devices. In HD, no less! So really, it’s almost effortless to record a pitch for your practice and upload it onto your site.

The question: is the record button the ultimate solution to writer’s block?

Currently reigning supreme as the king of online video sharing, Youtube boasts a staggering 3 billion views per day and as many as hundreds of thousands of regular viewers and contributors. Given the sheer volume of the online titan’s user base, a lawyer would be remiss to not include these viewers in their pool of potential clients.  When users aren’t surfing for videos of adorable cats or laughing babies, they’re looking up instructional and informative videos. And sometimes, those people want legal help.

Where your blog may run the gamut of all topics branching from your legal niche, your video is an opportunity for a direct call to action. You can’t deliver a hard sell for your practice in every blog post but you can do it in once, persuasively, in a video post.  How, you may ask? By keeping your client’s needs in mind and addressing them specifically.

Your credentials and professional experience could (or at least should) be found listed somewhere on your blog. You only have two to three quick minutes to make an impression in a video, so leave out the filler content.  It’s important to impress on the viewer why their particular legal situation is best handled by you or your firm. If you’re a divorce lawyer, for example, what have you noticed is the running theme in concerns among your clients? If it’s an issue of billing, then you’ll want to mention the beneficial aspects of your practice’s billing structure.  Now would be a smart time to offer a detailed review of your initial free consultation.

Just as a legal blog may have seemed like a foreign concept at one point in your professional career, maybe you’re not quite ready to place your faith in a theory pulled from an 80’s one-hit wonder.  Perhaps it would be different if I drew a parallel from a Flock of Seagulls song, but I digress. If you’re hesitant, take a peek at our roundup; it offers tips and insight into the realm of lawyer videos. With a little practice and production value, who knows, maybe one day you’ll even go viral!

Video Marketing: What Will Happen If You Don’t? 

“How do you adapt?  By first acknowledging and recognizing that video is one of best tools available to market your practice today. By also realizing that your prospects and potential clients expect to see you on video. They want to hear you, see you and learn from you. If you fail to give your viewers what they want, what do you think will happen to your law firm?”

How to Create a Law Firm Marketing Video

“Prepare a script or at least a few bullets so you know what you’re going to say. All videos should be concluded with a call to action – something like “For more information, call my offices at 555-5555 for a free consultation.””

2L Tests Ethical Limits by Blogging About Client

“A spokesperson for BC Law says this is the first law student blog that includes sanitized yet open discussions of client experiences in a sanctioned format such as this.  ‘This is a big deal,’ Hirsch says in her video. ‘We are testing new waters.'”

Our 5 Favorite Lawyer Videos on Youtube

For your viewing enjoyment.  If anything, here are examples of what not to do.

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