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rocket lawyer at sfdw

Build a Design Environment You Love

Rocket Lawyer at SFDW

Want to know the secret to creating a healthy design culture? Join the design experts at Rocket Lawyer (and a few of our friends) to find out! As part of San Francisco Design Week, we’re hosting a panel to teach you how to empower your designers with educational opportunities, facilitate interdepartmental communication, and find your design champions at the highest levels. We’ll reveal what works, what doesn’t, and hear secrets from established experts on how they foster a positive environment for designers in a cross-functional organization. 

Meet our panelists {and a few secrets} 

Brandon Ramos, Product design manager at Weight Watchers

Building a successful design team starts and ends with the fostering of a positive and evolving culture, that is inclusive to the rest of an organization’s other departments and functions. I’ll talk about how forging an environment that has an open sharing ideas, consistent feedback, and where successes are celebrated and failures are seen opportunities, will lead to your team’s culture impacting others. This can lead to you to being brought in earlier to projects, be more involved in business decisions that impact the user, and open others to being advocates for your users.

Beau Trincia, VP of Product & Design at Comfy

Design shouldn’t happen in a vacuum or a secret room. Give your whole org space for divergent thinking early in a project. Engineers, business, marketing should all feel comfortable with the permission to go wide periodically. For design to succeed everyone should have room to be a designer too

Bring everyone into the user’s world, and bring designers into business conversations as much as possible.

Get visual early. Nothing gets the whole organization past the ambiguity of talking past one another to find common ground in the tangible like a visual prototype we can all talk around.

Rhiannon Bell, VP of Design and User Experience at NerdWallet

The very best design environments both foster collaboration and empower creative ownership while never settling for “good enough.” When you’re able to do all of that while balancing both the art and the science of good design, you’re able to do a lot.

Scott Takahashi, Design Manager at Patreon

Scott Takahashi manages the design team at Patreon – the membership platform that makes it easier for artists and creators to get paid. He believes that creating a great design environment requires giving voice to every designer on the team across design functions, as well as creating a culture which involves cross-functional teammates in the design process on a regular basis.

Paco Viñoly, VP Design at Nextdoor

Design thinking comes from the top and from the bottom. Rarely from the middle. And you need both because without one, the other is doomed to fail.

Here are the details

Date: Monday, June 19th

Time: 5:30-8:30PM

Location: Rocket Lawyer HQ (101 Second Street, Fourth Floor, San Francisco)

Cost: $10

Are you in? Get your tickets now — they’re going fast! #RocketLawyerMeetsSFDW

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