The Legacy of “Wills”

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Wills are legacies. Sure, they’re traditionally a way of protecting your loved ones, making sure they’re cared for, but examples are legion of wills being used to endow universities, fund […]

Taxes, (un)explained: The best things in life are tax-free

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If there’s one thing even most Republicans and Democrats agree on, it’s that the tax system should be “fair,” if for no other reason than people then feel better about […]

My big fat Greek tax problem

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Last week’s blog contained this amazing stop-the-presses Newsflash: Americans don’t like paying taxes! I know that comes as a shock, but go lie down and put a cold compress on […]

It’s the new & improved April 15

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It’s almost spring, a time when we shake off the winter doldrums, dust off the hiking boots, fill our bosoms with hope as flowers begin to bloom, and have the […]

Court rules corporations have no mind or soul

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It’s like those science-fiction movies where some huge monolithic entity has humanity under its collective alien “thumb.” Then one day, some individual makes a small defiant gesture that stirs a […]

Lawyers vs. Accountants: Round 1

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It seems you can’t go a day without reading about how law school enrollment is plummeting, big law firms are imploding, lawyers are flaming out faster than 4th of July […]

Everything’s shakin’ in Oklahoma

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Not that I wish misfortune on any other state, but after years of living in California and answering snide “Aren’t you afraid of earthquakes?” questions from denizens of Heartland, U.S.A., […]

The legal side of… Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is imminent, and once again, in matters of the heart, it’s litigation, not love, that’s in the air. Hoo boy, are there a whole lotta love, “love lite,” […]

Unhealthy Business Practices Impact Health Supplements

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For 51 weeks of the year, Americans hate advertising. They DVR programs to avoid it, employ software to block it, and otherwise gripe about how advertising is ubiquitous, boring, insulting […]

NYC Detectives Pursue “New” Half-Century Old Murder

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It’s too bad “Cold Case” is off the air, because if ever there was a case made for the CBS crime drama about detectives digging up—literally, in many cases—decades-old homicides […]

Small Businesses, You Could Get Fined For Closing On Thanksgiving

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Once upon a few-years-ago, virtually all stores were closed on Thanksgiving, with the exception of 7-Eleven and the occasional mom-and-pop shop. The stores would compensate by opening at 6 a.m. […]

Lawyers Tackle The NFL With A Brain Injury Lawsuit

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So, the New York Times Sunday Magazine published a story about the first major lawsuit against the National Football League on behalf of former players who suffered various types of […]