Eloping: Legal tips for your secret wedding


Elopement used to be thought of as a young couple sneaking away in the night to get married secretly, but now it often is simply getting married with a small, […]

Destination weddings: How to get married abroad

destination wedding

Planning to get married on a faraway beach, in your favorite foreign city, or at the base of your favorite ski slope? You can get married almost anywhere with careful […]

International love: How to marry a foreigner or non-citizen

how to marry a non-citizen

If you are a non-citizen or plan to marry a non-citizen, you may want to know how to have a wedding that is legally recognized. You may also have questions […]

Prenups are for lovers: 3 benefits of Prenuptial Agreements

prenuptial agreement

While many couples focus on the “fun” part of getting married, in its essence, marriage is also a legal agreement. Laws define what that agreement is and what may happen […]

Make it legal: How to get a marriage license

marriage license

Obtaining a marriage license in most states is simple and often there is only a minimal waiting period, if any. States do not require you to have residency in the […]

Selling your home: Fix it or leave it?

selling your home

When preparing your home for sale, you may be wondering what house repairs or updates you should do before you try to sell it. We have a short answer to that question and tips on the minimal home repairs to invest in to help you earn a profit.

Know your rights: Immigration rights and protections

immigration rights

Like citizens, immigrants and those here using a Visa have rights and protections. Some protections are provided by the US Constitution and some states grant rights such as driving privileges. Learn more about immigration rights and protections.

What is corporate compliance and how do I maintain it?

corporate compliance

No matter the size of your business, corporate compliance matters. Without it, you could be put out of business. Corporate compliance is making sure your company complies with all laws, […]

Women Who Rock: Rosa Parks

women who rock rosa parks

By the time Rosa Parks helped incite the Montgomery Bus Boycott, by refusing to give up her seat, she already had half of a lifetime of activism behind her. Parks, “The Mother of the Freedom Movement,” spent her entire life striving for civil rights and equality in the south and the north.

Tax Reform Questions: What is a pass-through business entity?

business tax law

If you are a small business owner or planning to become one, you likely have seen some mention in the news about the GOP tax law changes for small businesses. […]

New 2018 Laws for Californians

new california laws

California may soon be nicknamed the rebellious state due to its passing of legal recreational marijuana use and defiance to federal immigration efforts. See the progressive and controversial new laws taking effect in 2018.