What’s the Electoral College and How Does it Work?

what is the electoral college

What the heck is the Electoral College? What a long strange trip it’s been. After a contentious and, at least in some circles, surprising election we are once again staring […]

Corporations are people? The origins of corporate personhood

corporations-people-1.jpg - corporations-people-1.jpg

With the 2016 election in full swing, I find myself looking back upon previous election cycles—no doubt in some dreamstate longing for some semblance of reason. One point of interest […]

How do primaries work?

How Do Primaries Work? - prezprimary-1.png

In case you don’t own a television, it’s an election year. Conversely, if you happen to own a television, and reside in a swing state, then let me express my […]

What it takes to become president

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What does it take to become the President of the United States? Folklore praises Washington’s honesty, Kennedy’s youth and passion inspired a new generation of voters, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s […]

What happens when a Supreme Court Justice dies?

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With the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, the future of politics and the Supreme Court of the United States itself may look a bit terrifying. If you’re not “that guy” […]

Lies and puffery – is it ever safe to exaggerate in advertising?

Lies and Puffery - Is it Ever Safe to Exaggerate in Advertising? - ThinkstockPhotos-500021813-c.jpg

Puffery is a wonderfully named term that refers to those bombastic advertising claims you’re inundated with every day–you know the ones, “world famous bagels” or “the best deep-dish this side […]