The Right to Vote: Know The Laws in Your State

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Election day is less than a week away and both candidates are making the last final push to ensure that people show up to the polls on November 6th. These […]

Landlord Problems? You’re Not Alone: Infographic

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If you’ve ever rented an apartment, you know what a nuisance it can be when you have a leaky kitchen faucet or when a mouse family decides to set up […]

Working together: Pros and cons of shared office space

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Shared office spaces can be a happy medium for entrepreneurs who don’t necessarily want to work in a big office environment but who might not be cut out for working […]

Crowdfunding Your Next Venture with Legal Know-How

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Whether you are an artist or an entrepreneur, there has probably been a time when you’ve considered starting a crowdfunding campaign to help fund your next venture. Crowdfunding campaigns have […]

Rocket Lawyer Goes Out to The Ballpark

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Last week the Rocket Lawyer team got together for a fun evening out at the ballpark. The night started out with a good old fashioned tailgate, because the best way […]

Social Media Policies Top HR Challenges for 2013: Infographic

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In many ways, social media has been a gift to businesses because it allows them to share and connect with their customers in an unprecedented way. However, it’s increasingly becoming […]

How to Freelance Your Way Around the World

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You’re young (or maybe just young at heart). You’re talented. And you want to travel the world. Freelancing can be a great outlet for someone who is ready and eager […]

Paycheck Deductions: Where’s Your Money Going?

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If you’re like most people, you probably spend about two seconds looking at your paystub, and at one number: your net pay (the amount of your check). But do you […]

Hurricane Preparedness: Lessons from Katrina

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It’s been seven years since one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the United States ravaged the gulf coast: Hurricane Katrina. With another hurricane season upon us, […]