It’s not you, it’s your student loan debt

It’s Not You, It’s Your Student Loan Debt - ThinkstockPhotos-153558462-c.jpg

You may be wondering, “If we get married, will I be on the hook for my spouse’s student loan debt too?” Here’s what you need to consider.

WestlawNext: A Review

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I recently wrote about LexisNexis’ new online legal research tool Lexis Advance.  Since then, I’ve been trying out Westlaw’s new system, WestlawNext. Personally, I never saw much of a difference […]

Have a Crazy Invention? Get a Patent!

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What do you get when you mix beer and an umbrella? A “beerbrella” of course! If you happen to be the beer drinking, sunbathing inventor of the beerbrella, you might […]

Could Your Car Drive Itself? Autonomous Driving Bill Paves the Way in California

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California’s lawmakers are in the fast lane and Google is behind the wheel. Earlier this year, CA Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) pulled up to the state capitol in the passenger […]

Lexis Advance: A New Tool for Online Legal Research

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When they were originally released, both Lexis and Westlaw were innovative online search systems. But as search engines like Google have grown increasingly more powerful, legal research tools have had […]