Quick quiz: Test your landlord legal IQ

Quick Quiz: Test Your Landlord Legal IQ - ThinkstockPhotos-152536556-c.jpg

What’s behind door number 8? Take our quick quiz. Are you a seasoned landlord? New to the business? Either way, you probably know there’s a lot more to managing property […]

Root-Beer Pork & Smoked Tri-tip – Our Winner’s Startup Story

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Last month, we invited small business owners to show us their faces for a chance to win an iPad Mini and a Rocket Lawyer membership—tools to help get their businesses […]

Alien Attacks & Monster Bites? They’ve Got You Covered!

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You may have heard about the teachers in Buffalo, New York who cost their district millions of dollars for botox injections, boob jobs, liposuction and other plastic surgeries that are […]

How to Ease the Pain of the New Health Insurance Mandate

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One of the goals of Obamacare is to drive down insurance costs, and to simplify the way people and businesses buy health plans. The first test of this will begin […]

Health Care Reform Infographic: Let’s Go Shopping!

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Starting in October, millions of Americans will go online to buy health insurance in a new way. That’s when the new online insurance marketplaces—also called exchanges—will be up and running. […]

5 Ways Health Care Reform Will Affect Everyone

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By now you probably know that under Obamacare, every American man, woman and child is required to carry health insurance by January 1, 2014. Along with the universal coverage requirement, […]

The New “Fiduciary” Duty: Be Social

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At Rocket Lawyer, we believe the law is about people, not paperwork. And connecting with people is exactly what social media is all about. Social connections are especially valuable for […]

Health Insurance for All: An Affordable Care Act Timeline

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There’s no doubt about it: the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is a complex and confusing law. It’s no wonder that people are baffled. In fact, a […]

Celebrate Independents: Enter Our Photo Contest!

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No, that’s not a typo. We’re talking about the millions of small, independent businesses that help keep our economy humming. We’re a nation of entrepreneurs, of all stripes. Whether you’re a […]

Infographic: Small Business Owners Skip Vacations But Are Happy

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As we head into summer, most small business owners are feeling sunny about their growth—even though 85 percent say they’ll spend part of their vacations working. Will you be tapping […]

Pandas, Pies & Promotions | Mission Pony Tries a New Gait

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April Ellis is a medical social worker turned urban cowgirl. Like other California entrepreneurs, she started out puttering in her garage, inventing a motorized pony to enter into a neighborhood […]

Hot Market or Not, Renter Beware | Infographic

Hot Market or Not, Renter Beware | Infographic - ThinkstockPhotos-491486714-c.jpg

If you’re among the 35 million American households who rent, here’s some good news: the red-hot rental market of the past couple of years—fueled by home foreclosures, the uncertain housing […]