How to avoid landlord-tenant disputes

rental property

You’ve signed a lease with your new tenant. You can breathe a sigh of relief! You’ll have monthly cash flow coming in. But you may be all too familiar with […]

How to handle late rent payments (plus the docs you’ll need)

late rent payments

We surveyed thousands of landlords, and they told us that late rent is their #1 headache. We know that when rent doesn’t come in on time, you’re left wondering how […]

What landlords need to know about subletting

what landlords need to know about subletting

Kasia from Rentalutions shared the basics that every landlord must know before subletting a property, learn the essentials to rent and sublet during our Landlord Month at Rocket Lawyer.

How to create an LLC for your rental property

rental property

An LLC is a great way to be set up for financial and legal success. Our partner Avail provides a guide on creating an LLC for your rental property.