10 Wackiest Tax Laws and Deductions

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Let out your inner tax nerd! These 10 wacky tax laws are fun anytime of the year. You might even get a few hot tips that you can take to […]

Building a Brand: How and Why to Use a Trademark

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Early this week, Millward Brown Optimor announced Apple as the winner of the 6th annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study. The designer computer company behind the iPad, […]

The Top 5 Excuses for Not Making a Will, and Why They Don’t Work

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When most people think about writing a Will, they immediately think of excuses to NOT write one: there are chores to be done, fun activities to plan, sleep to catch […]

Who needs a will? 5 reasons it might be you

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Who really needs a Will?  In the spirit of Make a Will Month this April, the simple answer to the question is “everyone” — there’s really no reason not to […]

Privacy as a Commodity Brings Business Opportunities — and Liabilities

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A few years ago, businesspeople everywhere would have nodded in agreement with the words of cryptographer Bruce Scheiner: “privacy never seems to sell. Those who are interested in privacy don’t […]

Name game legal rules — what you can (and can’t) name your baby

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You may have heard the recent news story about the young Egyptian man who named his firstborn daughter “Facebook” in honor of the site’s role in his country’s revolution. Whether […]

Homeowners Can Get a Tax Break—Tax Law Changes for 2010-11

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It’s been a tough few years for homeowners, but sometimes relief comes in the least expected form, such as on your tax return. Keep in mind that while claiming tax […]

Students and Teachers — Get Smart About Your Taxes!

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Whether you’re a college student, the parent of a student, or even an elementary or high school teacher, you’re probably looking for ways to reduce the costs of education on […]

Tax Law Changes for 2010-11: What Everybody Needs to Know

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The 2011 tax filing season has started, and as with every year, there are new tax laws to keep track of. Not every law may affect you, but here are […]

Married? Take Advantage of Recent Estate Tax Law Changes

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The tax overhaul passed in December may look similar in some ways to previous years, with extensions of certain tax cuts. However, when it comes to estate planning, the new […]

New Year’s Legal Resolutions for 2011

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Everyone’s compiling their lists looking back on 2010, from best movies and tv shows to top news stories. If you’re in the list-making mood, you’re probably already trying to put […]