Reluctant Workaholic: The Importance of Taking Vacation

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You’re a small business owner. When you get to the office, you don’t see just another business; you see your baby. And much like rearing a child, managing and growing […]

The homeowner’s dilemma: To rent or to sell?

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To rent or to sell? Many property owners sometimes find themselves in this dilemma when they have a second home or property that they don’t live in or use, but […]

Ever Wonder Which States Are the Best for Business?

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Starting up a new business is always a risky and formidable endeavor, but some states make it easier for entrepreneurs to set up shop than others. In December 2013, The […]

How to Attract – And Keep – Your Customers

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Customer retention is vital for any small business or start-up. Without it – your business will ultimately fail to prosper. With it – your potential for success is infinite. According […]

Obama Signs Exec Order to Protect LGBT Federal Contractors

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On June 16, President Obama announced he would take unilateral action by signing an executive order that will prohibit businesses with federal contracts exceeding $10,000 from discriminating against their employees […]

Seattle Raises the Minimum Wage – Good or Bad for SMBs?

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On June 3, 2014, Seattle, Washington’s progressive City Council unanimously passed unprecedented legislation that gradually phases in a minimum wage of $15.00 per hour, making it the highest in the […]