Four things new parents need to know about taxes

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Preparing for a new baby can be exciting, stressful, and somewhat terrifying. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the onslaught of advice that comes with having a newborn. That’s why […]

7 things to consider before eloping

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Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day! While many weddings are planned far in advance, some spontaneous couples decide to throw caution to the wind and elope. In fact, […]

Engagement ring legal checklist

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Did you know that 10 percent of all engagements take place on Valentine’s Day? Are you one of the many people proposing this February?

Legal guide to getting married


Are you a newlywed or recently engaged? Then this guide is for you! We’ll help you learn the practicalities about getting married and which legal documents you will need to […]

Tax time: Did you know you can expense that?

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On January 19, 2016, the IRS will begin processing 2015 tax returns. If you have not yet looked at your past year’s expenses, it may be time to brush up […]

Divorcing? Here are the legal documents you need

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Divorce can be incredibly stressful. Whether you’re ending a short-term marriage without children or separating after a 20-year marriage with three kids, many families don’t know where to start when […]

Tips for Divorced Parents During the Holidays

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The holidays can be a magical time of year, but they can also be difficult and stressful. The obligations can seem endless: school performances, work parties, shopping for presents, and […]

Protect Your Pets During Your Holiday Travel

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With the holiday season rapidly approaching, you’re probably gearing up for a good amount of travel. And if you’re like most people with pets, you’ll probably be leaving your furry […]

Veterans Day: Fast Facts

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It’s November 11, 2015 and Veterans Day is here. In honor of those who served in the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard, we’re sharing […]

Legal Checklist for New Parents

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Did you know that most babies are born in September? If you’re like many of the families that have added a new member this fall, you should review the following […]

6 Common Business Plan Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Starting a business? Creating your business plan should be effortless and fun if you’re aware of mistakes to avoid. Rocket Lawyer explains the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make during business plan formulation.

Wedding photos: Does your photographer legally own them?

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If you hire a photographer, who owns the rights to your wedding photos? Learn more about photograph copyright laws and create a wedding photo contract.