How To Travel With Kids When You Don’t Share a Last Name

Image of mother and daughter at the airport traveling together

Getting through security when you don’t share a last name with your kids is becoming a common scenario and we have provided some how-to’s to make it easier.

Tax tips for newlyweds

Tax Tips for Newlyweds - ThinkstockPhotos-177438387-justmarried-min-1.jpg

Updated February 2018 If you got married last year, you might have a lot to learn when it comes to filing taxes this April. Before the tax deadline sneaks up […]

W-2 & 1099 tax reporting deadline approaches

W-2 & 1099 Tax Reporting Deadline Approaches - 166754508-c.jpg

2017 tax reporting deadlines for business owners is fast approaching. Learn more about when W-2’s and 1099’s are due and what happens if you miss the deadline.

Executor and trustee duties: handling the estate of a loved one

executor trustee duties

When it comes to estate planning is important to understand what are the executor and trustee duties, Amanda Gordon explained on our estate planning series

My spouse won’t be ready to file taxes in time, what should we do?

tax filing together

What to do if you want to file your taxes but your significant other isn’t ready for it? Amanda is telling us what to do in that case.

Before the wedding comes the prenup

reasons to consider a prenup

You’re getting married, congrats! Now it’s a good time to talk about a prenuptial agreement, check out our reasons to consider a prenup by Amanda Gordon, Esq.

Co-parenting around the holidays

co parenting during the holidays

Our tips for co-parenting around the holidays will help you have a smooth, enjoyable holiday season and keep stress to a minimum.

Benefits to having a will

benefits to having a will

There are countless benefits to having a will, from taking care of your loved ones to making sure that your wishes are respected, Amanda Gordon, Esq. shared her top benefits of planning your estate.

Legal checklist for summer travelers

Legal checklist for summer travelers - LegalTravelersChecklist-1464037866556-6812c9d1c72e-C.jpg

Summer is in full swing, and many people use this time of better weather and school breaks to take a vacation, whether domestically or abroad. Whether you are traveling by […]

Legal to-do list for expecting parents and grandparents

Legal to-do list for expecting parents and grandparents - mothers-day-1.png

Whether you are a new parent or expecting your first child, one of the scariest questions you will ask yourself is what would happen to your family if something were […]

IRS scam calls: Small business owners beware

IRS Scam Calls: Small Business Owners Beware - irs-scam-call-4-c.jpg

Like many Rocket Lawyer members, I am a small business owner. This year was my first time paying federal and state taxes for my small business. Having been a W-2 […]

How to file for a tax extension

How to File for a Tax Extension - tax-extension-comp-1.png

Life happens, and while you’ve got a couple extra days to do your taxes this year, you may still need more time to put your tax return together. This year’s […]