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Ask a Lawyer: What Can I Do About My Nuisance Neighbor?

At one point or another we’ve all had the misfortune of having unpleasant neighbors. Have you ever wondered if there was any legal action you could take to make the situation better?

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I live in apt in Seattle. One tenant has made obscene calls to 2 female residents and 1 very obscene note to his across the hall neighbor. They have refused his rent but have given him until Oct 31st to move. They have not accepted his rent since August 1st. The neighbor across the way has a restraining order against him. They even suggested she move. They say the can not use the 3 day garbage or nuisance clause against him since he did not assault anyone, even though 2 incidents were reported to the police.  -Shelley


This sounds like a tough situation for everyone.

It sounds like your landlord is already working to have the tenant removed. Keep in mind that if they’re able to get an eviction notice for the tenant, that takes time, so you’ll have to sit tight.

If you no longer want to live in the apartment complex because of this person, you may want to explore the option of getting out of your lease agreement. If that’s what you’re looking to do, one place to start is just speaking to your landlord about it. If that doesn’t work, then you can talk to a lawyer.

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