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Ask a Lawyer: What Are My Legal Options After Slipping in a Store?

Slips and falls happen to the best of us. This week on our ask a lawyer forum on Facebook, a concerned mom wrote in wanting to know if her daughter could get help with her medical bills from a store where she fell.

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My daughter fell in a Lowes store in Florida a few months ago but they won’t help her with medical bills. Does she have any recourse? She was wearing flip flops on a rainy day and the person who wrote the report for her said it was her fault for wearing the flip flops. She has a hurt shoulder from the fall and no medical insurance so she is in pain all the time -Kathy

Your daughter should talk to a personal injury attorney and see if she might have a case. For her to get a settlement, the attorney would need to prove that the store was at fault. The attorney will ask her about the incident and advise her about her options, including whether she should pursue legal action against the store.

Also, personal injury attorneys often work on contingency fees, meaning they don’t get paid unless they win a settlement for their client. That means she may not have to spend anything up-front to pursue a possible case.  So there’s nothing to lose in speaking with a personal injury attorney. You can give her this link if she needs help finding a local personal injury lawyer to help her out.

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