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Affordable Rehab Meets Affordable Legal Services: Small Business Stories

Diane Yousefi, Affordable Rehab

When most of us think about corporations, we think big. We think about companies like Microsoft or Ford Motors, businesses with massive workforces, decades of history, and millions of stock holders.

But not all corporations are that big. In fact, most are much smaller. Take Affordable Rehab, for example.

Diane Yousefi started Affordable Rehab more than fifteen years ago to provide therapy to Floridians who had trouble leaving the house. Sometimes, these patients were just back from surgery and wanted a few weeks of treatment at home. Other times, they were house-bound and just needed a helping hand.

But what began as a simple partnership more than a decade ago started growing fast. Diane needed a helping hand herself, navigating her legal issues. She took the initiative and gave Rocket Lawyer a call.

“It saved me so much time and money,” she said. “And I didn’t need to reinvent the wheel.”

How does Diane use Rocket Lawyer?

Diane has used Rocket Lawyer to do a number of legal tasks for her business. She started out by creating a Partnership Agreement to put the terms of her business arrangement in writing.  Recently, she needed to adjust her business structure in order to stay compliant with her state’s laws. Diane’s industry has special requirements; in addition to doing physical therapy, Affordable Rehab also handles in-home speech and occupational therapy. Not long ago, Diane discovered the state of Florida had mandated that companies like hers needed to create separate companies for each therapeutic discipline. Rocket Lawyer helped Diane form these three separate legal entities so she could stay compliant.

Diane is going to continue to use Rocket Lawyer as her company grows. Like most enterprising small business owners, Diane has big ideas for the future. In short term she hopes to start a consulting business, sharing her expertise with like-minded therapists, and bringing her vision of affordable, in-home care to those in need. She knows she’ll need contracts and that she can get them at Rocket Lawyer. And anytime she needs extra assurance that the document meets her needs, Diane can use the free attorney review benefit that comes with her Rocket Lawyer On Call membership.

Diane’s favorite thing about Rocket Lawyer is that it makes her feel like she is in control of the legal issues for her company. She doesn’t have to choose a one-size-fits-all solution and she gets the information, documents, and lawyers that she needs, when and how she wants to access these services.

What can small business owners learn from Diane?

As a business grows and evolves, so do its legal needs.  Diane knows better than to just ‘set it and forget it’ — staying compliant can be the difference between being successful and going out of business.  Diane is doing the right thing by thinking ahead, paying attention and being responsive to changing regulations, and by thinking about how to prepare for her company’s next stage of growth.

With Rocket Lawyer, Diane found a legal resource that works for her needs. And now, as she starts down her consulting and franchising businesses, she’s sure she’s found one for the long haul.

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