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ABA-RL Joint Venture Helps Small Businesses - ThinkstockPhotos-468204003-edit-d-c2.png

ABA-RL joint venture helps small businesses

The legal tech space is such an interesting and exciting corner of the technology world. While there are many worthwhile apps and technology platforms built to deliver your groceries on-demand, or match you with the perfect partner, we occupy a space that delivers legal documents to you and matches you with the perfect attorney for your legal issue. It’s a space that I think is exciting and primed for extraordinary growth as people see how simple and affordable it is to get the legal help they need.  

When Rocket Lawyer had the opportunity to partner with the largest professional association of attorneys in the U.S., the American Bar Association (ABA), we were excited to build a pilot platform around a shared vision— to connect small businesses with legal professionals to get their legal questions answered. It’s a problem that Rocket Lawyer has been working to solve since our inception, and having a joint venture with the ABA helped further our mission to build a secure, compliant platform to facilitate these important connections.

We live in a world where  anything you need is a click away— you can find an airstream in Big Sur on AirBNB, a virtual assistant to help you tackle your To-Do list on Fancy Hands, or a babysitter for a night out on Urban Sitter. And that’s what we’re building at Rocket Lawyer in conjunction with the ABA— legal help that is just a click away.

Check out the pilot here. The limited pilot is available only to California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania at the moment.

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