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8 documents to tell your valentines how you feel

Updated February 2018

What do Hallmark cards, chocolates in heart shaped boxes and blooming bouquets really say to your loved ones? Sure, they’re tokens of your love, but they only last for a couple days. Don’t the loves of your life deserve something that says how you feel all year long?

As always, we’re here to help. No matter if it’s your soul mate, your little ones, or your fur baby (your real true love), our documents say all the right things, and more—because they protect the people you love the most. And isn’t that a gift worth giving?

To make it even easier for you, we’ve suggested some documents that fit the bill, and what they say about how much you care.

Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day from the team at Rocket Lawyer!

For your one true love:

Marry_Me_Pink_heartTell your fiancé, “This love is for real.”

So you’re engaged. The rings are bought, the hall is booked—but what about that Prenuptial Agreement? Even though they often get a bad rap, a Prenup can kick off a happy marriage by setting a solid foundation for communication. Isn’t that what marriage is really about? A Prenup helps you both disclose your assets and debts while figuring out how finances will be managed after you get back from the honeymoon.

Just remember that a Prenup, like a marriage, has two sides: writing one on your own and presenting it to your sweetie to sign could definitely send the wrong message. Bring up the topic gently and far in advance of the wedding, so you can both have time to come to an agreement. When you’re on the same page at the beginning, you’ll be in the best position to share a l etime together.

Soul_mates_purple_heartTell your partner, “Let’s make it official.”

You’ve found the one, but you don’t need marriage to recognize that it’s real. A Domestic Partnership Agreement takes care of the legal side of things whether you’re in a straight or gay relationship. Marriage might not be on the horizon, but you still need to protect yourself and your partner.

Green_Stay_together_heartTell your roomie, “I’ll share my heart and my place.”

Okay, so maybe you’re not quite that serious—at least not yet. But if you’re living with your better half, it’s smart to get a Cohabitation Agreement in place. This lets you spell out the rules of who’s responsible for what, ownership of items, and other important details. Living together is a big step, so make sure you get started off right.

For your kids:

Love_is_forever_blue_heartTell your children, “I’ll always take care of you.”

There’s no love like that between a parent and child. Estate planning documents can ensure that your little ones are cared for no matter what. If you don’t have an updated Will, your children aren’t in the best position should something happen to you. You can appoint a guardian as part of your Will so that the person you want caring for your children is confirmed in writing.

When it comes to your estate, having a Living Trust allows your kids to inherit the family home or your prized ride, and skip going to probate court. Finally, don’t forget about that College Education Trust. They grow up in the blink of an eye, and you want to make sure your little sweethearts don’t have to worry about their education.

For your animals:

Yellow_my_pet_heartTell your pets, “You’re like family.”

Your purr-fect pet gives you unconditional love, so why not return the favor? A Pet Trust lets you set up care arrangements for your furry friend should something happen to you. Four-legged darlings can’t own property, but you can appoint someone to take care of them so they continue to be spoiled.

If you ever need to leave your lap warmer with a pet sitter, rest assured they’re being pampered with a Pet Care Contract. You can detail exactly how you want them treated, whether it’s daily brushings or their special food on hand. You might be the one going on vacation, but your pet deserves a little R&R, too.

This Valentine’s day, don’t just murmur sweet nothings. Tell (and show) your loved ones how much they mean to you with our step-by-step legal documents. Plus you can feel good knowing that you’ve taken steps to protect them, all year long.

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