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5th graders became lawyers on Breakthrough Day

As Rocket Lawyer continues to help communities both online and off, we were excited to host a group of middle school students from San Francisco Day School who were participating in the Breakthrough program. Its mission is to support and encourage promising young students with limited educational options to seek higher education. This group of future lawyers came to Rocket Lawyer to hear from real attorneys and get a taste of what a lawyer does.

Andy Shin, Breakthrough’s executive director, said,

Career Day is a chance to expand our kids’ thinking about what their futures might hold, and underscore the importance of higher education. We really want to thank Rocket Lawyer for hosting our students for the past two years now. Our students have received a warm welcome and a much more concrete idea of what it’s like working in the legal field. We know this investment of time will pay off for our students in the long run.

The kids started their day with a tour of the Rocket Lawyer offices, and then ended up in our conference room for pizza and speeches. Attorneys Lisa Honey, Veronica Allen, and Matthew Kaufman shared how they ended up in the field of law and encouraged the kids to pursue their interests.  The visitors also learned about the importance of college, what law school is, and what kind of careers are possible with a law degree. Rocket Lawyer CEO Dan Nye also spoke about what it’s like to run a business.

The mock trial was next. The kids got to work on the case of Joey, a fictional student accused of cheating on a history test. We laid out the facts, Joey’s statement, and the evidence, and the kids were given the roles of prosecutors, defendants, and jury foreman. Lisa and Veronica helped them develop arguments, and then the kids came up with their opening and closing statements, and questioned Joey. In the end, our jury foreman decided that Joey was not guilty, but all of the kids did a great job of proving their cases.

Finally, the kids discussed what they learned or enjoyed during the day. The first answer was “Pizza!” but they really enjoyed getting to be lawyers and liked hearing from real attorneys. Several of them noted Dan’s speech on business as the best part of the day. We were happy to help the kids get a glimpse into the wonderful world of law.

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