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35 ways to use Rocket Lawyer

People generally have a lot more legal needs than they realize. Rocket Lawyer makes it simple to get the help you need. Here’s a list of 35 ways you can use Rocket Lawyer:

  1. Make a will
  2. Create a bill of sale for your Prius
  3. Disinherit your snarky nephew
  4. Ask questions about your parking ticket
  5. Put your assets in a trust
  6. Find out if it’s legal to have a hedgehog in San Francisco
  7. Incorporate your Etsy store
  8. Get help with immigration
  9. Make your wishes known in case you end up in the hospital
  10. Make sure your catering vendor doesn’t bring bbq to your vegetarian wedding
  11. Authorize child care for your nanny
  12. Have an attorney review your horse lease  
  13. Keep your kids from putting you in a nursing home
  14. Request maintenance from your landlord
  15. Prevent squatters with a lease agreement for renting on Airbnb
  16. Contact a lawyer if the night gets a little too exciting
  17. Have your friends sign an NDA so they don’t blab about your app idea
  18. Give a family member power of attorney if you’re leaving for a safari
  19. Assign an executor to take care of your social media account
  20. Get your security deposit back
  21. Make your memorial plans known so there’s no polka at your funeral
  22. Help your parents with estate planning
  23. Transfer ownership of property to a spouse
  24. Find out when your landlord can legally enter your apartment
  25. Get advice on working with the legal system if a loved one passes
  26. Have a lawyer write a demand letter if your painters do a bad job
  27. Sign a prenuptial agreement
  28. Rent out your old loft
  29. Ask a lawyer for advice if the car you bought on Craigslist is a lemon
  30. Make sure that your home renovation contractor uses the paint colors you picked
  31. See if you can get out of your speeding ticket
  32. Negotiate a good buyout from your landlord
  33. Sign a contract with your friends the next time they decide to bet on the game
  34. Trademark your awesome logo designs
  35. Kick out bad tenants

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  1. Didn’t know that Rocket Lawyer could be so useful.