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3 Reasons No One Is Reading Your Blawg

A law blog (aka “blawg”) is a great way for an attorney to demonstrate their knowledge and professional competence; to market their legal services; and to network with other attorneys and law firms. It’s been my experience (and that of many other lawyers) that a thoughtful, well-written blawg can dramatically increase your business and enhance your professional reputation.

There is, of course, a catch. Blogging isn’t easy. Not only that: sending a well-written blog post out into the wilds of the Internet is no guarantee that anyone will actually read it. In order to enhance your readership you have to be strategic about your content and the way you promote it. Here are the most common mistakes you may be making:

1. Your Posts Are Boring

If no one is reading your blawg it might be because your posts aren’t all that interesting. But it’s probably not because the topics you write about are boring. It’s because your posts themselves are dull. After all, any topic can be made compelling. It’s the way you write about a topic that makes it interesting.

First, if you’re writing in legalese, ditch the jargon. Even if your entire audience is made up of attorneys you can still safely presume that most lawyers don’t want to read a blog post that reads like a poorly written motion to compel. Personally, I read enough colorless legal writing as part of my day job. Anything I’m going to read for fun should be more engaging. That leads to my second tip: make sure your personality is reflected in your writing. Readers will find it easier to relate to your writing if they get a sense of who you are.

2. You Don’t Promote Your Content

Always, always, always promote your posts through your social media channels. For example, if you use LinkedIn Groups, then share your posts in relevant groups. Tweet about your new posts on Twitter. And let your friends and fans on Facebook know in a status update when you’ve written a new post. Similarly, if you send email newsletters to clients and colleagues, include links to your latest and greatest there as well.

3. You Don’t Post Often Enough

You don’t have to post every day for your blawg to be a success. Nonetheless, you do want people to detect a live pulse when they drop by. If your latest content is several months old, people may presume you’ve given up. If they think your space is dead, they may never come back.

It may help to create a schedule. Many bloggers mapping out upcoming posts in an editorial calendar. If you introduce some regularity and consistency to your blog, readers may make it a regular part of their daily ritual.

If you’re already writing quality content, promoting it regularly, and posting with consistency then it may just be a matter of remaining patient. It takes time for a blawg to catch on and for readers to discover it. The longer you keep at it, the greater the rewards.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any tips to share!

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