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ask a lawyer family questions

25 questions to ask a lawyer about family law

People often equate legal help with being in trouble. But in reality, the law touches every part of our lives, good and bad, and plays a part in many important milestones. In fact, most of life’s big events fall under the umbrella of family law, including marriage, family planning, divorce, estate planning, and buying or renting your home.

At Rocket Lawyer, our mission is to get you the help you need during these big events, in part by connecting you with thousands of qualified local lawyers for easy, on-demand legal advice.

Got a big event coming up? Here are 25 questions you can ask a lawyer right now:

About marriage

  1. I’m getting married soon. Should I get a prenup? Or a postnup?
  2. What do we need to get a marriage license?
  3. Can my husband take my last name?
  4. Do we need a contract for our wedding photographer?
  5. What’s a domestic partnership? Should we make ours official?
  6. How will marriage affect our student debt?
  7. We’re a same-sex couple and we want to get married. Where do we start?
  8. What’s a marriage separation agreement?

About your kids (and future children)

  1. We’re having a baby! Should we set up a trust?
  2. We want to adopt. Where do we start?
  3. Do we need to sign a contract with our nanny?
  4. I’m traveling alone with my child, what should I do?
  5. Where do we get a birth certificate?
  6. What’s a custody agreement?
  7. What does an adoption lawyer do?

About the future and estate planning

  1. Can I leave property to my heirs in my estate plan?
  2. I’m young and healthy. Do I really need a will?
  3. What’s estate planning?
  4. We’re getting a dog. Do we need a pet trust?
  5. We’re a same-sex couple. How should we start our estate planning?
  6. We’re moving in together! What should we do?

About your home

  1. I want to buy a home, but where do I start?
  2. Should I put my fiance in the lease?
  3. Can we sublet our apartment if only one of us in on the lease?
  4. We are remodeling a home. How can we make sure that our contractor delivers everything on time?

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