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American presidents in tax history

presidents day

Learn about the tax strategies of America’s presidents and how they had a profound impact on the country and its future.

Rocket Lawyer SMB Index 2018

smb index

The latest Rocket Lawyer Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) Index revealed increasing optimism for 2018 from business owners

Tax tips for newlyweds

Tax Tips for Newlyweds - ThinkstockPhotos-177438387-justmarried-min-1.jpg

Updated February 2018 If you got married last year, you might have a lot to learn when it comes to filing taxes this April. Before the tax deadline sneaks up […]

8 documents to tell your valentines how you feel

Rocket Lawyer Family law

No matter if it’s your soul mate, your children, or your pets, our documents say all the right things. We’ll help you protect the people you love most.

15 questions you should ask before getting married

15 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Married - ThinkstockPhotos-dv1464030-crop3-c.jpg

Ah, the married life! When planned well, matrimony can turn into a beautiful, life-long partnership. But prior to tying the knot, many newlyweds fail to ask crucial information about their […]

Everything you ever wanted to know about registered agents

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Registered Agents - ThinkstockPhotos-157864276-c.jpg

Curious to know why you need a registered agent when incorporating your business? We have put together a guide to help you understand what a registered agent does, whether or not you need one, and what to do about it.

Will incorporation benefit freelancers and solopreneurs in 2018?

incorporation solopreneur

With the new changes to the business structure, we are going over a few changes that might effect solopreneurs and freelancers.

SaaStr Fireside chat with Jason Lemkin, Charley Moore and David Drummond

saastr charley moore rev

Rocket Lawyer Founder and CEO, Charley Moore and David Drummond, SVP of Corporate Development & Chief Legal Officer at Alphabet Inc. will be sitting down for a Fireside chat at the SaaStr conference this Thursday. Don’t miss it!

Women Who Rock: Rosa Parks

women who rock rosa parks

By the time Rosa Parks helped incite the Montgomery Bus Boycott, by refusing to give up her seat, she already had half of a lifetime of activism behind her. Parks, “The Mother of the Freedom Movement,” spent her entire life striving for civil rights and equality in the south and the north.

Tax Prep Checklist: What You’ll Need for Small Business Tax Filing

business tax checklist

Tax season is here and we have put together a tax prep checklist on what you need to file for your small business this year.

Customer stories: Meet Hanna

hanna azar

Hanna is our featured entrepreneur for January. Learn more about his business and how he uses Rocket Lawyer for his legal needs.

Self-employed? Remember these 3 things when preparing quarterly taxes

self employed

Are you self-employed? We are discussing three things to consider when preparing your quarterly taxes this year to make sure that you stay compliant