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You might not know what an affidavit is, but you've probably signed a few already. An affidavit is basically a way to verify the truth of something. When you sign one, you're taking an oath that what the affidavit says is true.

Affidavits often come into play in court when witnesses can't appear in person, but there are many common affidavit forms you might need for personal reasons, like when you lose official documents and certificates and need a workaround. For example, an affidavit of birth verifies your birth if you lose your birth certificate. An affidavit of support form comes in handy when you have a relative moving to the U.S. from another country. It declares that you're financially responsible for them until they get on their own two feet, and an ID theft affidavit helps protect you from charges run up on your account. From marriage to residence to name change, affidavits provide sworn verification for a wide range of topics.

For all the particulars on affidavits, check out some of the articles below. Also, if you're unsure about signing an affidavit form you might want to consider seeking professional help. We're happy to help you find a lawyer if you feel like you need a second opinion.

Learn about US immigration laws in our informative guide and explore our tax-related articles below for further information and resources to help you through the process.
While a bill of sale is fairly straightforward document, there are a few things you should when you're considering starting a bill of sale. First, know what it is you're planning on selling; you can sell nearly anything with a bill of sale, so long as it isn't property (such as an apartment complex or your house). Next, if you're selling a vehicle, you want to make sure to use a vehicle-specific document, such as our car bill of sale or boat bill of sale. The reason is that for automobiles and other vehicles, there are special provisions you'll need to fill out, such as noting your odometer reading or entering a valid vehicle identification number (or VIN).

We have all the information you need to know before completing a bill of sale. Whether you want to learn common mistakes to avoid, what a conditional bill of sale is, or even just look at a bill of sale example, we've got you covered.
If you're going through a legal separation or divorce, the law probably seems like another tough thing to deal with. In truth, it's the key to a speedy resolution. Each divorce and legal separation is different, but understanding how the process works can help bridge gaps and keep the focus on what's most important.

Laws vary by state, but legal separation is often the first step. Legal separation usually involves filing a Marriage Separation Agreement with the court to outline the terms of your separation. It's a temporary arrangement that protects each spouse and determines basic rights and responsibilities until divorce proceedings are finalized.

After legal separation, divorce is the formal termination of your relationship. Divorce is easiest when you and your spouse can agree on the conditions. Filling out a Divorce Worksheet is a good way to understand everything involved and see whether you're on the same page. If you can agree on the general conditions, most states allow you to enter into a Divorce Settlement Agreement and file for a no-fault divorce. If there are issues that keep you from reaching an agreement, it's a good idea to consider mediation or finding a lawyer.

There are also special steps to take if you don't know where your spouse is.

Following legal separation and divorce, ongoing child custody and credit issues may pop up. To learn more and find state-by-state information, check out our articles on legal separation and divorce.

Your car is more than just a way of getting around. It's a major investment and a valuable asset, not to mention a whole lot of fun to drive. And whether you're looking to buy, sell, insure, fix or protect your vehicle, we can help you get everything covered from a legal perspective so that you can get back behind the wheel.

A lot of your initial paperwork when buying or selling a car is easily handled at the DMV—like transferring the title and such—but when you're doing the transaction on your own, using a vehicle bill of sale can help make sure the buyer and seller are on the same page about the car. Other forms can help protect you and your vehicle like an auto repair contract, which keeps everything on the up and up with your mechanic. In some more detailed cases you might consider speaking with an attorney to make sure all your bases are covered.

Below you'll find a few articles that will walk you through some common situations, like how to file an accident claim with your insurance company, and how lemon laws can protect you from an unlucky auto purchase. And if you feel like you need to find a lawyer for any driving and automotive concerns, we're always happy to assist.
Protecting and supporting family members is your number one priority. We're here to help you set up the safeguards that will allow you to focus on what's important--enjoying life surrounded by the people you love and care about.

When you decide to tie the knot, there are a few things you might want to take care of early so that you can just enjoy this exciting time with family and friends. Basic legal forms can help smooth out the transition. Like, before joining forces with your partner a prenuptial agreement form helps clear up property arrangements, who's responsible for what, how the finances break down and who takes care of which bills. And if you're taking on your partner's name, a name change notification letter spreads the news to employers and others.

After you start a family, you might need certain forms to take care of your children, like a child care authorization form allowing a child caregiver to make decisions on health and other major decisions while you're at work, and a child care contract for when you invite a nanny into your family.

Personal records are also good to get squared away as you organize family affairs. For example you might need a birth certificate request form or a marriage certificate request letter if you've misplaced these documents. You might need them so you can apply for a passport or insurance policy down the road.

If you're looking for details on something in particular, you might want to browse the family law articles below. And, as always, if we can help you find a lawyer, just say the word.
There's nothing more important than your health. Whether you're considering a medical procedure of some sort, about to visit the hospital or if you simply want your medical records transferred, we can help you cover the legal basics so that you get back to more important matters.

Managing your health means communicating with a lot of different people, from medical professionals and hospitals to insurance agencies and the government. Legal forms can help you sort through everything so that you can get back to the business of your health and life. For example, a medical records request can help you get your records if you're changing doctors or moving, and a medical records transfer form comes in handy when you want them delivered from your doctor to a specialist. And then you've got forms like a letter to appeal a medical claim denial in case you need an explanation in writing from a doctor or insurance agency.

If you think you'll be visiting the hospital or a clinic, you might want to think ahead and consider putting together a living will to allow yourself some peace of mind, and a hospital visitation authorization gives permission to certain people to visit you during your recovery.

For more health and medical info, try the articles below. And if you feel the need to find a lawyer to answer more specific questions, just let us know.
Our country was founded by hardworking and dedicated individuals. And what makes our nation so unique is that somewhere along the line, our family trees go back to other countries. If you have a loved one or friend, or it's you who's looking to become a citizen of the U.S., we can help send you in the right legal direction to make that dream come true.

To get the ball rolling, try browsing through our free immigration legal forms. The petition for alien relative is the first step in the process if you already have someone with residency. This form is filled out by a U.S. citizen or green card holder on behalf of the relative who wishes to immigrate. You might also consider a birth certificate request letter or a marriage certificate request letter to verify your own citizenship for the petition. An affidavit of support form also comes in handy when you have a relative moving to the U.S. from another country. It basically declares that you're financially responsible for them until they're ready to be on their own. When petitioning for someone who works for your business or household to become a resident, the immigrant petition for alien worker may be the form to go with.

If you're just looking around for information at this point, feel free to browse our essential guide to US immigration law or explore the immigration articles below.. And if you'd like to find a lawyer to answer more detailed immigration questions, just say the word and we can make that happen.
Great ideas can turn the world around. So when your great idea comes--whether it's an invention, a design or even the formula for a new soft drink--you'll want to assert your intellectual property rights to protect it from unauthorized use and allow yourself the freedom to bring it to life.

What is intellectual property? Because you can't lock your ideas and expression in a safe, laws are in place to help put your inspiration in motion. Most commonly, intellectual property refers to copyrights, trademarks and patents. Whether you're a musician, graphic designer, writer, filmmaker, engineer, or an inventor, you'll want to protect the creations that keep you in business. Like anything of value, intellectual property can even be bought and sold.

Creative people need space to work. Protecting the right to your ideas grants you the breathing room to develop, market and sell them. Patents, for example, register your inventions with the government and give you exclusive legal rights. As you get further along in the process, you'll want to speak with an attorney about a patent to make sure you get it right. But Provisional Patent Application forms are a good, simple start. If you've developed a logo, a catchphrase or some other form of branding, you can register a trademark. Write a hit song or the next great novel? Register a copyright to lock it down in your name.

For nuts and bolts on intellectual property protection, browse the articles below. And as always, just let us know if we can help you find a lawyer.

Legal professionals are not only motivated to practice law at a high level but also to manage a business. Whether you're solo or part of a team, we can help you manage your legal practice so you can spend more time assisting your clients and making their lives easier.

People seeking legal help frequently access our legal form download pages, but we also have a handful for attorneys, like the attorney engagement letter for contracting legal services to businesses or individuals. Attorneys often use our templates to create a wide range of documents for their own clients--the power of attorney and employment agreement forms are good examples to check out.

Attorneys also sign up for the Rocket Lawyer On Call network to boost client leads. It's free, and it connects you with the millions of visitors on our site looking for legal assistance and advice. Also, you can set up one of our free professional profile pages to promote your reputation and make it easier for people in need of your legal help to find your services.

If you have any more questions about how Rocket Lawyer can help you expand and manage your law practice, check out the articles below. And if we can help with anything, feel free to contact us.
A little research goes a long way. And if you're curious to learn a little more about something in the legal arena, our legal dictionary can send you in the right direction so that you can clear things up quickly and get back to the real world.

You probably come across legal terms fairly often, but here and there you want to stop and learn what they really mean. For example, you might be interested in learning more about some legalese you come across it in an official document, application or legal agreement. In that case, browse our A to Z legal dictionary below, which can explain terms like "cause," "option" and "probate," and help translate them into plain talk. If you receive a legal notice that's hard to understand, you might want to speak with an attorney before taking any kind of action, but a quick legal terms search can often put your mind at ease.  

As always if you'd like someone to explain these things further or if you decide to seek professional help for a particular matter, just let us know. We're happy to help you find a lawyer.
There's nothing wrong with shortcuts, especially when you want to save yourself time and money with a legal matter. In some complicated situations, we usually suggest speaking with an attorney, but there's a long list of everyday situations when you can use legal document templates to make it legal. And we're here to help you get them done and out the door quickly.

For personal and business stuff, it's a good rule of thumb to keep a few legal documents handy. Employers that do a lot of hiring might want to use the same employment application template and non disclosure agreement template to keep things consistent, and if you're into buying and selling stuff there's the bill of sale template. If you're searching for a particular name of legal document template based on your needs, it's likely we have something that works. If not, just drop us a line.

But how do you get started? Filling out legal forms on the fly can be intimidating. Our easy legal document template tools ask you questions and we populate the forms, so it's a cinch to find the legal document template you need, plow through the specifics and get back to what you enjoy doing.

Below you'll find legal documents and articles that give you a rundown on the document itself, an easy to understand example and where to get started. Just let us know if anything is confusing, and if you feel like you need to find an attorney to help with something specific, we're always happy to help with that too.
Marriage can be one of life's most exciting adventures. Whether you're a newbie at this whole thing or if you've been down this road before, figuring out the legal details early on allows you to just tie that knot and enjoy this exciting time.

There are a number of basic marriage legal forms that can help smooth out the transition from single life to matrimony. For starters, before teaming up with your partner a prenuptial agreement form can help clear up who's responsible for which bills and how the finances break down. And if you're taking on your partner's name, a name change notification letter helps spread the good news to employers and others.

After the wedding you might still have questions when applying for credit or buying property together, and for the more detailed matters, you might want to speak with an attorney. But on your own you can use simple forms like a personal financial statement for credit applications and estate planning, or a marriage certificate request letter if you misplace the original. To protect you and your partner through the stages of life, a last will and testament can ensure that everyone is taken care of down the road.

Browse through our articles on marriage for more information, and just let us know if we can help you find a lawyer if you still have questions.
Just about everything can be done online these days. You file taxes, request a birth certificate and apply for a passport online, and you can do most of your legal stuff on the web too. Some situations could come up where you might want to think about speaking with an attorney, but when it comes to online legal services, we can help set you up with the forms, legal document templates, official letters and such that you need to get things squared away quickly.

You'd be surprised how much red tape can be skipped over with a few clicks. Independent contractors and businesses, for example, might just need a general contract for services to engage another business or individuals for a particular project. For life's changes, you can find free legal forms like a living will to protect your property in case something happens to you, and a prenuptial agreement to get your finances all sorted out before tying the knot.

But forms are just the tip of the iceberg for online legal services. Rocket Lawyer's eSignature service means you can sign something right on the computer without having to print, sign, fax, mail and all that.

Below you'll find some articles that will help you navigate through the world of online legal services. If you find that whatever you're working on needs a little more TLC, just let us know and we can help you find a lawyer.
Everybody wants financial independence. And whether you're well into your career or just starting to put money away, covering all the legal bases allows you to spend more time building your savings and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Successful personal finance planning begins with keeping track of the money that comes in and the money that goes out. There are a number of legal forms available to help you maintain, verify and manage your personal finance records. Like if you're applying for credit or loans, you might be asked to fill out a personal financial statement, and insurance companies will ask for a home inventory worksheet to cover your valuables. Not only do these records aid transactions, they also help you stay on top of your money.

When unloading and transferring assets, some legal forms keep everything on the up and up. Selling your car to someone? You'll need an automobile bill of sale form to make it official. Want to transfer your 401K? Just send a 401K rollover request form to the administrator.

For more pointers on taking control of your finances, browse a few of the personal finance articles below. We're always happy to help you find a lawyer to handle more detailed questions.
Whether it's your home-sweet-home, your place of work, or your livelihood, chances are real estate plays a big part in your life. We're here to help make real estate easy for everyone from property managers, to renters, to buyers and sellers.

If you're a property manager, you're probably in constant need of real estate legal forms and documents like rental applications and real estate leases. These documents can keep things running smoothly for you and solidify great landlord/tenant relationships. On the tenant side, Tenant Maintenance Request and Sublease Agreement forms make your communications official, while making sure those leaky faucets get fixed. Our personalized forms cover many needs, but we can also help you speak with an attorney for real estate legal advice.

If you're buying or selling, you might to set up a quick transfer of property using a Quit Claim Deed, or make a home-buying checklist with Home Evaluation Worksheet. Below you'll find some helpful articles on real estate law and other topics of interest. And if we can help you find a lawyer, just let us know.

Being an entrepreneur can be the best job in the world. When you've got a dream for a small business (whether you're starting from scratch, expanding a family business or looking to incorporate your company), it's worthwhile to take the time to do it right.

By nature, most small business owners are risk takers, but taking the right legal steps can both help your company prosper and limit your liability. When your small business's plan is in place and you're ready to cut the ribbon or launch the website, it's essential to select the appropriate business entity. Will it be a sole proprietorship (which means you're personally on the hook for any liabilities), a partnership, an LLC, or an s-corporation? And what kind of tax implications will the structure have? You can find a lot of small business answers here.

Once people are lining up to use your business, you'll want to keep the legal stuff from getting in the way of what you love doing. Learn more about small business fundamentals like hiring employees, keeping corporate records and collecting debts. We're also glad to help out with personalized business legal forms.

For more ideas and inspiration, browse the small business topics below. We're always happy to help you find a lawyer to answer more complicated small business questions.

Small claims courts were invented for just that--minor issues that still need a little legal structure to get resolved. Whether someone owes you money or if you're dealing with an eviction or some other kind of sticky disagreement, we can help you prepare and file your matter in a small claims court so that everything gets resolved and you can move on with your life.

Small claims courts want you to at least try to make nice with the other party outside of court, but if that's not happening you can sign an affidavit saying that you tried your best. Then, you might want to download our free small claims worksheet. This small claims form takes you step-by-step through the process so that you have all your ducks in a row before filing with a small claims court. If you go to litigation and get a chance to tell your side of the story to a judge, you'll want to back up your claim with some evidence. Assuming the judgement falls in your favor, we have a free demand for money owed form that can help speed up the process of you getting what you deserve.

Browse the articles below for more free information and guidance on the small claims and litigation process. Know that while small claims court is an efficient way to minor matters, you'll probably need an attorney for most other types of litigation.  We can help you find a lawyer in your area who understands what you're going through.
State LLC, Corporations, and Non-Profits
Taxes are an inevitable part of your financial world. But with a little legwork, tax season can come and go without a hitch. If you have some legal questions about the IRS or filing your return, you might want to consider speaking with a tax attorney. We're here if you need us to make that connection so that you can resolve things and get back to doing what you enjoy.

To help you stay organized, certain tax forms are good to have handy, like the W-2 form if you run a business with employees or have someone who works for you, and the 1099 form for reporting miscellaneous income. For filing, you can always download the common 1040-ES form for individuals or the 1120-W form if you're incorporated.

Life changes like marriage and children can affect your tax status, and incorporating your business can help you save a bundle in the long run, so it really pays to do your tax-time homework. As you go along, you could be faced with an audit, which is basically where the IRS examines your financial records to make sure you filed your tax return correctly. In those situations it's a good move to check in with an accountant or tax attorney to guide you through the process.

Below you'll find some tax articles that can help answer your questions. And, as always, if we can help you find a lawyer just say the word.
Travel, for many people, is a great excuse to relax a little, learn a few things and get away from it all. Whether your upcoming trip is all about business, education or escape, getting the legal boxes checked before you head out can allow you to spend more time enjoying the experience and some much needed time away.

Depending on your destination and the length of your stay, travel plans can require valid documentation and other official forms for international visits. Because laws vary from country to country, make sure you've got everything covered before you take off on your adventure. If you need a visa application for an extended stay or job overseas, for example, or if you need to apply for a passport or report a lost or stolen one, there are legal forms that can put the wheels in motion and make the whole process easier.

For more details on the legal ins and outs of travel, check out some of the articles below. And if we can help you find a lawyer to answer your more detailed questions, feel free to let us know.  
It's never too early to start planning for life's big changes. When you're ready to think about the possibility of death or incapacity, creating a Will and an estate plan is the best way to take care of your family. Even if you don't have a lot to pass on, it will be easier on everyone if your wishes are known.

The first piece of most estate plans is a Will. We all know Wills let everyone know who gets your stuff, but Wills are also crucial for protecting your family from unnecessary expenses, estate taxes, potential disagreements, and helping determine the custody of your children. If you don't have a Will, the state determines how your property is distributed and who cares for your kids.

Don't separate Wills and estate planning in your mind, because an estate plan should be more than just a Will. For example, a Living Will is another important document that spells out your wishes for medical treatment when you can't make decisions yourself. Especially in difficult end-of-life scenarios, it'll help your family know exactly what you want.

A Power of Attorney is another estate planning essential. It specifies who can fill your fiduciary shoes -- signing checks, deeds, official documents, etc. -- if you can't do it yourself. As with most Wills and estate planning, courts will appoint someone to make these decisions if you don't. There are also an array Trusts that can have tax benefits and give you more control over how your assets are distributed.

To dive deeper into Wills and estate planning, check out the Estate Planning Basics. If you have any questions about estate planning, we're also happy to help you find a lawyer in your area who can help.
Professional help is sometimes the best way to get something done. So when you decide that working with an attorney is the answer, you're smart to get all of your ducks in a row before settling on the right person. We can help answer any questions about the process and of course connect you with the right lawyer for your particular need. As always, our goal is to help you get from point A to point B so you can get back to your life.

Some situations are pretty cut and dry, making our legal forms a good option for taking care of business. In other cases, you might want to think about speaking with an attorney who can answer all of your questions and give you advice tailored to your situation. We can help you find a local lawyer in minutes.

If it's your first time working with an attorney, feel free to browse the articles below to get an understanding of what to expect. And if you need an attorney, we can always help you find a lawyer.