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London, UK, 21 March 2023 - Rocket Lawyer, the global leader in digital legal services, announced today a partnership with ReachX, the digital private market platform.

Rocket Lawyer will provide ReachX business customers access to expert legal representation throughout M&A and Corporate Finance transactions, to accelerate the world's most ambitious projects and deals. Rocket Lawyer’s legal advice will identify potential issues and risks, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and negotiate favourable terms. ReachX clients will also benefit from access to solicitors for a range of legal matters including Corporate, Commercial and Employment at an affordable, discounted rate.

As an FCA regulated platform, ReachX’s mission is to enable tomorrow's financial workforce and accelerate the world's most ambitious projects and deals. It leverages innovative tech and algorithms to connect corporate clients and institutional investors with highly vetted financial advisors and investment opportunities across venture capital, private equity and private debt. Rocket Lawyer customers will now have the opportunity to take the benefit of independent financial advice from qualified financial services advisors from a reputable regulated organisation.

“We are excited to partner with ReachX to provide affordable legal services for their customers needing help with mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, as well as company, commercial and employment law”,  said Mark Edwards, Chief Product Officer. “At Rocket Lawyer, we are dedicated to leveraging technology to deliver affordable and simple legal services, and this partnership helps us reach even more businesses to make good on this promise. Through this partnership, we can provide customers of ReachX seamless access to our legal expertise, helping them navigate the complexities of transactions with ease. We look forward to working closely with ReachX to deliver innovative legal solutions and drive business success for their customers.”

“ReachX is proud to join forces with Rocket Lawyer to offer cost effective legal services in the areas of corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, company law, commercial law and employment”, said Rafael Lajeunesse, Founder and CEO of ReachX. “Rocket lawyer has demonstrated an unparalleled track record in helping small and medium enterprises with their legal solutions in the US and Europe. This partnership aligns with ReachX’s vision to offer an affordable end to end solution to clients looking to execute their transactions. We look forward to a successful journey with the Rocket lawyer team!”

As part of the partnership, both Rocket Lawyer and ReachX will be hosting a series of webinars and virtual conferences, featuring expert lawyers and financial experts.

About Rocket Lawyer:

At Rocket Lawyer, we believe everyone deserves affordable and simple legal services. Our laws should protect and empower—but for too many of us, the law is a burden, because of high costs and complexity. So, we’re changing things. Since 2008, we’ve helped over 25 million businesses, families, and individuals obtain the legal help they need, at a price they can afford.

That’s legal made simple.® Visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About ReachX:

At ReachX we are on a mission to make advisory services simpler, more accessible and cost effective by connecting efficiently tomorrow's finance workforce. We use algorithms to connect institutional investors and corporate clients with advisors they wouldn't have found otherwise. Our services are used by leading companies who need help from professional finance experts, consultants and seasoned C-level advisors for projects and transactions. We fill the gap between traditional financial institutions and the fragmented non-structured freelance landscape.

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