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October 8, 2020 — Rocket Lawyer, the global leader in digital legal services, announced today that it is expanding its services to assist businesses and families in Scotland. After a successful launch in the U.S. in 2008, Rocket Lawyer opened its first UK office in 2012. The company’s affordable and complete legal services platform has since proved successful across Europe–in countries like England & Wales, France, Spain, and the Netherlands.–Rocket Lawyer is expanding its legal products and services to Scottish business owners, landlords, and families, who can now make and sign hundreds of digital legal documents online. Scottish businesses and consumers can also use the “Ask a lawyer” service to receive quick answers and consultations on complex legal matters from Scottish lawyers. Rocket Lawyer is the only online legal platform that can handle the complexity of local laws in different countries and languages. Today, Rocket Lawyer has helped over 20 million businesses, families, and individuals worldwide with their legal needs.

The demand for Rocket Lawyer legal products and services in Scotland has accelerated during the coronavirus pandemic. The need for affordable and convenient legal services for small businesses is validated by the fact that the Scottish small business market continues to expand, hitting a record high in 2019. The trend reflects what Rocket Lawyer has experienced globally, where complex legal needs surface when business owners face the challenges of starting and operating a company. These challenges have increased as businesses have rapidly moved online to better serve their customers during the pandemic. Businesses and families, now more than ever, want legal help online. To empower these groups, Rocket Lawyer provides an online self-serve platform that can be used to easily generate the legal documents needed to start a business, hire and manage employees, and sign contracts with suppliers and partners. Families and landlords can also access Rocket Lawyer’s documents and services to prepare wills, cohabitation agreements, rental contracts, and more.

Thomas Cameron, a Rocket Lawyer member and Scottish resident said “I used Rocket Lawyer to make a lodger agreement. I found it really helpful that you can just enter your details and Rocket Lawyer creates the legal document for you. The questions were easy to answer and the whole process was very straightforward and comprehensive. I was really pleased that the document was tailored to Scottish law as some other online legal services don’t offer this. I would definitely recommend Rocket Lawyer to other people to help them with any legal documents they need and for any other legal help.”

The utility and convenience of online legal products and services is enhanced by having immediate access to a lawyer. Rocket Lawyer is partnering with leading Scottish law firm, Jones Whyte LLP, to offer our members legal advice from local solicitors through its “Ask a Lawyer” service. This gives business owners and consumers the opportunity to consult directly with a solicitor for their legal needs at an affordable, discounted rate.

“We are already providing legal services to millions of people in Europe each year, so helping people in Scotland was a logical step, furthering our mission to expand access to justice worldwide,” said Mark Edwards, SVP EMEA. “We are thrilled to extend the reach of our platform, to engage with new customers, and to have a strong on-the-ground partner in Jones Whyte LLP, who can guide our members through their often challenging legal issues.”

“We share the same passion as Rocket Lawyer to deliver affordable legal services at scale,” said Greg Whyte, Partner at Jones Whyte LLP. “We look forward to the opportunity to use Rocket Lawyer’s platform to extend our services and reach more individuals and businesses in need.”

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